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Mamta Dipabima Basnet


Born to musical personalities music composer Madan Dipabima Basnet and singer Shiva Basnet, Mamata Dipabima grew up in a musical environment. Naturally, she was pretty influenced by her family since her childhood. When she was 12 years old, she started taking Indian classical music lessons from musical stalwarts like Shila Bahadur Moktan, Sangita pradhan and Gurudev Kamod. Her parents were very supportive of her musical inclination from an early age. Mamata Dipabima recorded her first song at age 6, for the Radio Nepal Children's Singing Competition, where she received a consolation prize, which further inspired her to pursue her passion for singing.  

Although Mamata Dipabima takes singing as a hobby only, she has nonetheless made an indelible mark in the Nepali music scene. When asked of the music industry in Nepal, she responded----“I remember, when I was on 5th grade, there were only couple of recording studios where we had to go through voice test and wait a long time to get a date to record our songs. Now, we have increasing numbers of recording studios and distributors, including from the private sector, that are producing larger quantity and better quality music. So, [the Nepali music industry] is doing well so far. But, due to current political situation, it's hard to predict [the direction it will take].” 

Mamata's father, music composer Madan Dipabima Basnet takes care of Mamata's albums back in Nepal when she is away from home. Although it has been difficult for to as actively continue making music, she still makes valiant efforts to keep making more music. She has returned home for a couple of times, recording new songs and making music videos. Despite the difficulties involved, Mamata is certain that she will continue to make more music in future.  
“Music has changed my life by giving me so much love and care from my friends and fans,” says the beautiful singer. Certainly, she has touched many lovers Nepali music through her soulful voice and heart-stirring words. Let us hope that in better days to come she will continue to grace her fans and all lovers of Nepali music with more fruits of her talent.

Location: Dilli Bazar, Ghattekulo currently California
DOB:  May 11
Education:  MIS (management Information System)
Hobbies:  Reading Books, travelling and listening to music
Favorite Food:  Daal Bhat
Favorite Hangout Place:  Don't have any particular one
Favorite Music:  Any good music that catches my attention
Your Albums: Mamata 1, Mamata 2, Tara Gandi, K Yo Maya Ho
Which Album You Like?: Tata Gandi
Favorite Nepali Artist: Narayan Gopal
Non Nepali Artist: Joan Baez, Norah Jones
What do you look in a Song?: Lyrics, Melody
Define Music: The story about people, their feelings and lives
Inspiration: My Parents
Parents' Reaction: Supportive
Where Would Like To Go?: Somewhere nice and peaceful
Music Industry in Nepal?: It’s doing well but due to current situation it’s taking us middle of nowhere
Thoughts On Nepal's Situation: Feel very bad
Dislikes: Liar, Hypocrites
What do you think of Internet?: It’s my best friend these days
Aim: To make some career in business world
Message to Fans: Be yourself
Message to Nepalese abroad: Wherever you are, make us feel proud of U
Message To Nepalisite.com: Good job, keep it up


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