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Abhaya & The Steam Injuns-Artist of The Month-September 2005

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Full Name Abhaya Subba Weise
Location Kathmandu
Date of Birth 11th June
Education LLB (D.U.), English Honors (St. Xaviers, Mumbai)
Hobbies Picking at people's brains, shooting the bull, cooking exotic food
Aim My aim is to be spiritually fulfilled and to live each day like its the last day of my life
Favorite Food Daal Bhat, Salads and mangoes - Ice Cream
Hangout Place Practice room of the Steam Injuns and any stage... concerts where we are performing
Where would you like to go? I am very territorial... I love Kathmandu... but besides that, I would love to go to Florence, Rome and Barbados.
Dislikes I dislike dirty toilets !!
Music you listen to Good music - good groove - something that moves me
Concerts You Have Performed So many it's really hard to list
Favorite Nepali Artists I respect and love all of them
Fav. Non Nepali Artists Green Day, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, Blondie, The Clash
Any Albums? Abhaya and the Steam Injuns
What do you focus in a song? The groove, the melody and a spirit that moves another human being
Inspiration My family and the way snowflake falls
Reaction From Your Parents My father encouraged me all the way
Define Music Music is beyond definition.. at least in words.
Music Industry in Nepal The music industry is still a baby - Has a long way to go !!
About Situation of Nepal What is there to think... we are feeling the pain every moment.
About Internet Can't live without it
Message to Nepalese Abroad LETS COLONIZE THE WHOLE WORLD ! Lol

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