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Ram Chandra Kafle-Artist of The Month-August 2005

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Full Name Ram Chandra Kafle
Location Chitwan, Parbatipur (Currently staying at Babarmahal)
Date of Birth 2037-01-12
Education I.F.A. pass
Hobbies Listening Music
Aim To be a good artist. To feel proud of being an artist even in the dying moments.
Favorite Food Dal, Bhat, Tarkari
Hangout Place The Rebel Creations
Where would you like to go? Switzerland and Pokhara
Dislikes I take everything positively but some people are taking advantage of it. I dislike those kind of people.
Music you listen to Classical Music, Nepali Folk Music
Concerts You Have Performed Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar and many more including abroad
Favorite Nepali Artists Nepathya, Sindhu Malla, 11:30 Basanta etc.
Fav. Non Nepali Artists Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Bryan Adams etc.
Any Albums? Maanki Rani, Lathi Charge, Apsara, Aago Dankiyo and many others with other artists.
What do you focus in a song? Every part of song (lyrics, Music, composition, arrangement, voice etc) suitable for all situations.
Inspiration Brother Madhav Prasad Kafle and Parents
Reaction From Your Parents Supportive and positive from the beginning
Define Music The tune which is mixture of Sur and Taal which when we listen becomes ear pleasing sound.
Music Industry in Nepal It just ok. There is more competition resulting to better creations and many artists coming up. Good to see all those.
About Situation of Nepal No peace in the nation. Hope Peace will prevail soon.
About Internet Its helping world come closer.
Message to Nepalese Abroad Come back to Nepal, Use your skills in Nepal. Although you go to abroad for higher studies but to work come back to Nepal and lets make our country better.

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