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The Axe Band-Artist of The Month-March 2007


Pictures with permission.

Full Name The Axe Band
Location Maitidevi, Kathmandu
Education Undergraduates
Hobbies Pleasure seeking.
Favorite Food Nepali food ofcourse.
Where would you like to go? Annapurna Base camp
Dislikes Backbiters, Hypocrites
Music you listen to Depends on mood.
Your album(s)? Dhunwa(93),Farkera Herda(95), Majhi Dai(2000), Decade(2002),The very best of The Axe(2003),Kammasaka(2006)
Concerts You Have Performed Around 100 or show.
Favorite Nepali Artists Sukmit Gurung
Fav. Non Nepali Artists Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Rage Against the machine, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper.
Music industry in Nepal Developing.
About Internet Brings the whole world to a room.
About Should be updated regularly.
Message to Nepalese abroad Where are you guys?

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