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A R T I S T   O F   T H E   M O N T H-- N O V E M B E R(2003) 

Kishor Gurung

Recently We Had an Opportunity To See Him during "Second International Guitar Festival 2003 & The First Ethnomusicology Seminar" in Nepal.(Oct 2003)

Most of us grew up listening and playing "Aakashai Ma", from "Sunsat Raat Ma" album.  Now we are very fortunate to feature him as an artist of the month at Nepalisite.com.

Kishor Gurung began taking music lessons at the age of 13 with his father Amber Gurung who is a pioneer in the field of Nepali Music. Kishor was awarded a full scholarship to study guitar in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in USA in 1979, and graduated in 1983 as the first Nepali to obtain music degree from an accredited music institute of the West.

At the Conservatory, he studied guitar with Larry Almeida, George Salellariou and David Tanenbaum and participated in master classes conducted by Manuel Barrueco(Cuba), Jose Thomas(Spain), David Russell(Scotland), Julian Bream, Abel Carlevaro(Paraguay) and other masters. In 1986, Kishor received a grant from the East-West Center to pursue graduate program in ethnomusicology at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

This led him to the ethnic Gurung Enclave of "Yangjakot", near the beautiful Pokhara Valley, where he under took field research on Ghantu, a narrative musical observance in which prepubescent girls go into trance.

Kishor has performed in USA, Germany, France, Thailand, Belgium and India.  He has made numerous TV and Radio appearances in addition to performing as a soloist with the Long Island Youth Orchestra of New York.

He has been a member of an advisory committee to the Radio Nepal and has lectured at Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu. He is also the founder and president of The Classical Guitar Society of Nepal. Currently, he teaches at Malpi International College at Kathmandu. His CD Solo Guitar Works stands out to be the first guitar recording of its kind ever made in south Asia.

In recent years, Kishor Gurung has also arranged music for Sunil Parajuli.

During "Second International Guitar Festival 2003 & The First Ethnomusicology Seminar" in Nepal.(Oct 2003)

  • Master of Arts in ethnomusicology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA, 1992.

  • Bachelor of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, California, USA, 1983.

  • Intermediate in Arts, Ratna Rajya Campus, Kathmandu, NEPAL, 1975-76.

  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC), Padmodaya High School, Kathmandu, NEPAL, 1974.

You can view some more pictures and read about his Experiences, Awards, Publications and more at Kishorgurung.com


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