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 M U S I C   N E W S

Biography of Narayan Gopal (May 2006)

(Our special thanks to Mr GPTimalsena for this report)

Promoters Nepal, maker of documentary films and documentaries organized a Press meeting on May 23rd at Nanglo Bakery Cafe, Sundhara, Katmandu.  They premiered a Biography of "Swar Samrat", Late Narayan Gopal Guruwacharya.  Biography is directed and presented by Mr. GP Timalsena. Almost all the medias were present during the press conference including some renowned guest.

Some of them were:
  • Dr. Bholoa Rijal ( Senior Gynecologist)
  • Mr. Tapanath Shukla ( Former GM , NTV & Radio Nepal)
  • Mr. Rajendra Sallav ( Film Director)
  • Mr. Prakash Shrestha ( Senior Singer))
  • Mr. Nagendra Thapa ( Senior Lyrist)

Details of the Press release

"The Need of the Hour- Biography

I sincerely thank you for attending this little Meet of ours. I would like to share some feelings of mine which led me towards making of Biography. I have spent around 10 years of my career close to the Nepalese Music Industry. Although I am not an applauded musician myself ( I have myself written over 25 recorded songs), I have always been a great music lover. I have run many musical programs, made over 50 music videos, have made documentaries and corporate films, carried out promotional campaigns, made over 35 television commercials and have almost touched everything in the electronic media.

Being close to the Nepalese Music Industry has proved to be my greatest strength, and unfortunately my greatest fear as well. Our Music Industry have produced so many legends but hardly of them received the acknowledgement that they deserve. In fact there remains a fear of loosing of the identity in the future.

With years of understanding of the Music Industry and experience of making programs, I, at the moment find myself at the right juncture from where I could really contribute to the Industry.

Biography reflects my passion and love to the Nepalese Music Industry and I have made a promise to myself to showcase the work of legends to the world. The music lovers are the one responsible for the existence of the Music Industry and they deserve to know the idols they listen to.

I really want our future generations to listen to the typical Nepali Music and acknowledge the musicians as well. And I believe Biography would help in some way to keep the memories alive.

To be frank enough, I realize that I should have started this project a little later i.e. after gaining more knowledge and expertise. But the age of remixes has pushed me to provide all necessary information that acknowledge the originality of the music right now.

I am sincerely looking forward to the comments and suggestions.

With heartily regards
GP Timalsena


Biography is a program that unfolds the musical journey of the pioneers. And these pioneers are the people who have achieved unattainable heights. These personalities have left a never ending impression in the heart of the Nepalese people as well as the outsiders.

Biography will provide the closest of the looks on the idols. Behind each success, there remains an unseen and unheard chapter of struggle and we are going to unfold that as well. Biography - this program will not just give us an insight on the legendary feats, but will also showcase their childhood days, their struggles, their family affairs, and each little possible information.

Biography is a carefully researched, relatively full account of the facts on the life of the person with closely related group of people. Biography is of great importance to keep the identities alive forever. This program is a SALUTE from Promoters Nepal to the legends who made our head held high.

The Program is a series of episodes being aired on Nepal 1 Television (Monday -9.15 p.m). The program is directed and presented by Mr. GP Timalsena and a production of Promoters Nepal.

We believe our commitment deserves attention and we always look forward to the comments and suggestions to make our work more meaningful.

About Promoters Nepal

Promoters Nepal is a media farm established in the year 1998. It has many dedicated and greatly composed projects in its credit. It has been involved in making documentary films, making television programs for different channels, making commercial ads, making music videos and much more.

Promoters Nepal is a media farm which also works with an objective of showcasing our culture, religion, traditions, life and music to the outer world. The objective of this farm is not solely business oriented, but this farm also aims at attracting everyone’s attention towards the preservation of our rich culture and music. Promoters Nepal is also making Nepalese people aware of their own value of native culture, language, music and art.

(The Media Farm)
Suruchi Marg, New Baneshwor
Ph: 4780680 Fax: 4780748
Web: www.promotersnepal.com

Results of Hits FM Music Award 2062--Please scroll below for results. 
Hits Fm Music Award 2062--Feb 3rd, 2006
Nominees in various categories :-
Life Time Achievement Award
  • Kumar Basnyat

Best New Artist
  • The Uglyz-- Winner
  • Archana Bastola
  • Karma Moktan
  • Reeza Upreti
  • Sujan KC

Best Song in a Foreign Language
Songs Artist/Group
  • E- Blues
  • Jackie Chan
  • Looking at the Sky
  • Party Time
  • To An Angel
  • Robin And The New Revolution-Winner
  • Inside 2 Stoopid Triangles
  • The Shadows
  • Livewire
  • The Uglyz

Best Performance by a Group or Duo With Vocals
Group Songs
  • The Uglyz
  • The Shadows
  • Robin and The New Revolution
  • Karma Band
  • Abhaya And The Steam Injuns
  • Audai Jaadai
  • Hidne Manche Ladcha
  • Keta Keti--Winner
  • Kaha Hola
  • Sakdina

Folk Record of The Year
Records Artists
  • Banko Kafal Banko Charilai
  • Daphne Nachera
  • Majhi Dai --Winner
  • Maha Dohori
  • Panasma Batti Baleko
  • Sujan Bista Thapa
  • Buddhi Sagar Basyal, Bima Kumari Dura
  • Bima Kumari Dura, Milan Lama - winner
  • Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya
  • Bimal Dangi

Folk Album of The Year

Albums Artists
  • Banko Kafal Banko
  • Center Gairi Khet
  • Kammar Barulai
  • Maha Dohori
  • Panasma Batti Baleko
  • Sujan Bista Thapa
  • Navaraj Ghaurasaini, Geeta Devi, Meena Prasai - Winner
  • Mahesh Budathoki
  • Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya
  • Bimal Dangi

Best Pop Vocal Performance (Female)
Artists Songs
  • Reeza Upreti
  • Sindhu Malla
  • Archana Bastola--Winner
  • Bimala Rai
  • Ciney Gurung
  • Angaloma Badhana
  • Kaha
  • Kati Ramro
  • Lagayani
  • Timro Mayama

Best Pop Vocal Performance (Male)
Artists Songs
  • Bihanima
  • Chandrama - winner
  • Hey Nasalu
  • Jhumi Jhumi
  • Sara Khusi

Best Vocal Collaboration
Artists Songs
  • Pranil L Timilsina feat. DA 69 - Winner  
  • Manoj Sewa and Anju Panta
  • Avinash Ghising feat Raju Lama and Prashna Shakya
  • Nirnaya feat Mausami Gurung
  • Udaya and Manila Sotang
  • Aakha Bhari Naachau
  • Esto Euta Katha
  • Lhasa ko Chiso
  • Ma Nepali
  • Ukali Chadaula

Best Female Vocal Performance
Artists Songs
  • Benuka Rai
  • Kunti Muktan
  • Bimala Rai
  • Ani Choying Dolma--Winner
  • Sapanashree
  • Aauna Thule
  • Ghaam Laage - winner
  • Katai Napai
  • Phulko Aankhama 
  • Kina Hajur

Best Male Vocal Performance
Artists Songs
  • Karna Das
  • Swaroop Raj Acharya--Winner
  • Hemanta Sharma
  • Yam Baral
  • Jagdish Samal
  • Bhetiyera Chhutnu
  • Dherai Maya - 
  • Jaala Udera
  • Kolte Feri Feri
  • Timi Masanga 

Best Song Originally Recorded For a Motion Picture
Songs Film Music
  • Aaja Mann Udera Bhagchha 
  • Barha Haate Patuki
  • Malai Phulna Deu 
  • Mero Mann ko Phultipi
  • Rana Jiu
  • Maya Basechha
  • Muglan
  • Samarpan
  • Dhadkan
  • Jetho-Kancho
  • Mahesh Khadka
  • Suresh Adhikari--Winner
  • Mahesh Khadka, Manohar Sunam
  • Suresh Adhikari
  • Sambhujit Baskota

Song Of The Year
Songs Artists
  • Aama Bhandai Runa Pau --Winner
  • Dherai Maya
  • Gham Lage
  • Phulko Aankhama 
  • Timi Ma Sanga
  • SP Koirala
  • Lalita Kunwar
  • Sindhu Rana
  • Durga Lal Shrestha
  • Krishna Hari Baral

Record of The Year
Records Artists
  • Audai Jaadai
  • Jaala Udera
  • Kaha Hola
  • Phulko Aankhama --Winner
  • Sarkari Jaagir
  • The Uglyz
  • Hemanta Sharma
  • Karma
  • Ani Choying Dolma
  • Dr. Pilots

Album Of The Year
Albums Artists
  • Coma--Winner
  • Keta Keti
  • Mansuba
  • Moments of Bliss
  • Swor
  • Lochan Rizal
  • Robin and the New Revolution
  • Bimala Rai
  • Ani Choying
  • Satya/ Swaroop Raj Acharya

Best Rock Composition
Songs Artist/Group
  • Hidne Manchhe Ladchha
  • Keta Keti
  • Sakdina
  • Sanskriti
  • Yestai Rahechha
  • The Shadows
  • Robin and the New Revolution
  • Rajeev Paljor
  • Mantra
  • Lochan Rijal -Winner

Best Pop Composition
Songs Composer
  • Audai Jaadai
  • Bihanima
  • Chandrama--Winner
  • Jhumi Jhumi
  • Sara Khusi
  • Sarun Tamrakar
  • Sunil Bardewa
  • Lochan Rijal
  • Raju Singh
  • Anil Singh

Best Composition

Composer Songs
  • Alok Shree
  • Raju Singh
  • Aavaas
  • Nhyoo Bajracharya
  • Suresh Gaire
  • Halla Nagara
  • Katai Napai
  • Palaa Palaa
  • Phulko Aankhama - Winner
  • Timi Masanga

Best Music Video
Director/Company Songs
  • Empty Spaces
  • G21 Production -Winner
  • Maya 
  • Naren Limbu
  • G21 Production 
  • Audai Jaadai
  • Aakhabhari Naachau
  • Eklo
  • Timi Aaunu
  • Yehi Ho Maya

Image Channel Award Show 2061 Held on May 28th, 2005
Review by Pratichya Dulal

There are two kinds of festivals - first the religious festivals that we all celebrate, second professional festival that people from different profession celebrate. Professional festivals are few and far between. "Image Channel" organized a grand festival on 28th May for those involved in music industry. It was the day for people in the music industry to celebrate the year's hard work and prove a point or two to their colleagues. It was also time to find out who fared the best among the listeners / audience for whom they try their best to deliver class music.

Image has been hosting this award for a number of years now. They bring out a list of categories and the nominees too, and let the audience choose their favorite artists. It's a tough competition and hats off to all for winning the heart of all those audience. Image too deserves a pat on the back for bringing out fair winners. Fair results motivate to work hard for the next time as well.

However all was not well with Image award show too, after having such a long experience they ought to have paid extra attention about occupancy. Nominees ending up without seats show poor management of the organizers. The Hall was over crowded, which proved that the number of music lovers has increased in recent time.

Just before the show had started, the organizers were checking their screen. During their testing period they showed the result of the best vocal performance male on the right screen.

The artists called up to perform on the stage had been requested to perform only one song, but 1974 AD proved exception to the request by singing two songs. Well, if you're on the top u can get away with anything. This, however, made host Suraj to rephrase his speech and say 'whenever 1974 AD performs I want to say thanks after every song.'
Despite the over crowded hall, delayed show and a few slips, overall it was a good one. Had the show started on time, the winners would have been able to say their words of thanks as the winners of best "dohari" category could not say their two words...
Pratichya Dulal

Click here for Pictures and Results

Results of Hits FM Music Award 2061--Please scroll below for results. 

Click Here For Pictures

Hits Fm Music Award 2061--Jan 14th, 2005
  • Event : Hits FM Music Award 2061
  • Date : Jan 14th, 2005
  • Live on NTV from 3 pm onwards.

Nominees in various categories :-

Life Time Achievement Award
  • Ratna Samsher Thapa

Best New Artist
  • Anita Subba
  • Bharat Sitaula--Winner
  • Laxman Gurung
  • Mahasatwa Bajracharya
  • Sudip Giri

Best Song in a Foreign Language
Songs Artist/Group
  • Here I come
  • Life's so strange
  • Slide
  • She and I
  • Slide
  • Abhaya and the Steam Injuns
  • Full Circle
  • Garima Gurung
  • DXP3
  • Garima Gurung-Winner

Best Performance by a Group or Duo With Vocals
Group Songs
  • 1974 AD
  • Nepathya
  • The Axix
  • The Boffins '98
  • The Seasons
  • Pinjada Ko Suga
  • Sa Karnali-Winner
  • Aduro Prem
  • Ma Mare Pani
  • Suneko Kura

Folk Record of The Year
Records Artists
  • Banma Kanda Cha
  • Bhannu Nabhako
  • Maya ko Bheti
  • Phool Ko Dalima
  • Sunkoshi Kinaraima
  • Bhagwan Bhandari
  • Dinesh Kafle/Gita Devi-Winner
  • Prabin Rai
  • Hari Devi Koirala/Purushottam Neupane
  • Tulsi Parajuli

Folk Album of The Year

Albums Artists
  • Bara Ropo Chhaya
  • Ghintang
  • Hamro Sanskriti
  • Kafal Gedi
  • Subha Bibaha
  • Dilendra Rai & Friends
  • Tulsi Parajuli
  • Subi Shah/Narayan Rayamajhi -Winner
  • Mahesh Budhathoki / Sindhu Malla
  • Buddi Sagaar Basyal & Friends

Best Pop Vocal Performance (Female)
Artists Songs
  • Anita Subba
  • Eli Sherpa
  • Mausami Gurung
  • Pratima Rajbhandari
  • Sukmit Gurung
  • Timinai Timi
  • Hardin
  • Parelima
  • Najau Najau
  • Pal Pal-Winner

Best Pop Vocal Performance (Male)
Artists Songs
  • Anil Singh
  • Nabin K. Bhattarai
  • Nima Rumba
  • Sanoop Paudel
  • Sugam Pokharel
  • Dubna Deu-Winner
  • Chaina Jun
  • Sajha Ma Pani
  • Sambandha
  • Maya Ko Baato

Best Vocal Collaboration
Artists Songs
  • Pranil L. Timilsena / Nabin Bhattarai
  • Ram Chandra Kafle / Sindhu Rana
  • Udit Narayan Jha / Deepa Jha
  • Udesh Shrestha / Bhugol Dahal
  • Various Artists
  • Yehin Ho ta Maya
  • Lathi Charge
  • Banmaara ley
  • Yo Junima -Winner
  • Garima Garima

Best Female Vocal Performance
Artists Songs
  • Chanda Dewan
  • Gyanu Rana
  • Kunti Moktan
  • Reema Gurung
  • Sukmit Gurung
  • Na Garzi De
  • Aasha ko Diyo
  • Manko Maya
  • Timro Biyogley
  • Yo Maya Lai -Winner

Best Male Vocal Performance
Artists Songs
  • Karna Das
  • Ram Krishna Dhakal
  • Shishir Yogi
  • Thupten Bhutia
  • Udit Narayan Jha
  • Pardesh Bata-Winner
  • Bachan Tode
  • Jun Ley Sodhyo
  • Timro Biyog ley
  • Kahiley Timro

Best Song Originally Recorded For a Motion Picture
Songs Film Music
  • Aankha Bhari Ka 
  • Baadal Barsha
  • Kasto Nasha 
  • Saanjh Naya
  • Timi Phool Manjari
  • Dui Kinarama
  • Kartabya
  • Lakshya
  • Suvakamana
  • Upahaar
  • Ranjit Gazmer--Winner
  • Sachin Singh
  • Rahul Pradhan
  • Sambhujit Baskota
  • Laxman Shestha

Song Of The Year
Songs Artists
  • Aru Ko Jastai
  • Ma Mareko Chaina
  • Ma Sapana ko Kura Garchu
  • Pardesh Bata
  • Pet Michi Michi
  • Naresh Dev Pant
  • Arun Tiwari
  • Shree Purush Dhakal
  • B.B Thapa--Winner
  • Rajan Raj Shivakoti

Record of The Year
Records Artists
  • Bachan Tode
  • Dubna Deu
  • Kahiley Timro
  • Ma Afnai Aagan Ma
  • Sajha Ma Pani
  • Ram Krishna Dhakal
  • Anil Singh
  • Udit Narayan-Winner
  • Yash Kumar
  • Nima Rumba

Album Of The Year
Albums Artists
  • Highway
  • Megahertz
  • The Blue
  • Upahaar
  • Voice
  • Sugam Pokharel
  • Anil Singh
  • Nabin K Bhattarai
  • Udit Narayan-Winner
  • Sanoop Paudel

Best Rock Composition
Songs Artist/Group
  • Adhuro Prem
  • Baato
  • Chaha Chaina
  • Jeevan Ma
  • Pinjada ko Suga
  • Axix
  • Lochan Rijal
  • Cobweb
  • Nabin K. Bhattarai
  • 1974 A.D. -Winner

Best Pop Composition
Songs Composer
  • Bus Stand
  • Dubna Deu
  • Eh Joon
  • Pal Pal
  • Yehin Ho Ta Maya
  • Sanjeev Singh
  • Anil Singh-Winner
  • Bidur Shrestha
  • Bishwo Shah
  • Pranil L. Timalsina

Best Composition

Songs Composer
  • Aau Maya
  • Bachan Tode
  • Kahiley Timro
  • Pardesh Bata
  • Timilai Jitne
  • Sambhujit Baskota
  • Raju Singh
  • Alok Shree
  • Karna Das-Winner
  • Kiran Pradhan

Best Music Video
Director/Company Songs
  • Alok Nemwang
  • Bhusan Dahal
  • Colour Cubes
  • Maya
  • Simosh Sunwaar
  • Dubna Deu-Winner
  • Kahiley Timro
  • Ek Mauka
  • Timi ma Bhanda
  • Saanjh Ma Pani


July 4th 2004

Phoenix, Arizona - USA
Nepathya Nite calls off The ANA Convention 2004

The 22nd Annual Convention of the Association of the Nepalese in the Americas - has concluded here in Phoenix with Nepathya performing as the closing act. The 23rd ANA Convention is to meet in Texas next year.

Nepathya was amongst the highlights of the conventions. Fans from as far as New York had flown in just make it for the concert. "I will certainly make it DC as well, I danced a lot today but am not yet satisfied - will certainly make it to DC" said Sushil Gurung, a New York based Nepathya fan.

"I have been following concerts and ANA convention for the past few years - and for me this has been the most electrifying experience. The most decently packaged professional show I have ever seen from a Nepali Artist in the US " said Texas based Pukar, who had attended the convention full time.

From the music video of Sa... Karnali shown prior to the show to super hits like - Chekyo Chekyo, Resham and Bhedako Oon..... and social numbers like Rangeen Chara to patriotic numbers like - Hamro Khusiko lagi, Gaun Gaun Bata to Rato ra Chandra Surya..... all were very well received by the audience present at the Double Tree Resort Hall.

Amrit Gurung did utlise this moment to extend his wish for Nepalese brotherhood amongst Nepalese living all over. " I urge all Nepalese to come together and think about our Nation - and contribute from your respective capacities to resolve peace in our Nepal " Amrit said. His statement did receive a roar of applaud from the all age group mixed audience.

 Check out some pictures from ANA Show in Arizona...
Nepalisite.com would like to thank Mr. Kiran Shrestha of Nepa-laya (http://www.nepa-laya.com) for providing us some pictures and review.


Close Up Video Music Award 2004 Result
Close Up Video Music Award was held on June 24th at BICCA Hall. This is the first ever program organized by Channel Nepal. Sukmit Gurung opened the program with her popular song "Ek Chin". Some of the other performers included Music Link, Anil Singh, Shital And Shivani Moktan. Mr. Prabin and Ayusha Shrestha (World Miss University 2003) were the Mcs for the evening.
Categories Artist Song/Album
Pop Anil Singh Dubna Deu
Adhunik Yash Kumar Hijo Arakai Sangha
Folk Mahesh Budhthoki, Sindhu Malla Kafal Gedi
Rap Rappaz Union Din Pani Bittyo
Public Demand Prakash Ojha Vatkai dinchu Bakhra Khor
Critics Award Yam Baral Najarle matra
New Artist Sabin Rai Timro Nam Timi Bina
Male Artist Nima Rumba Sajha Ma Pani
Female Artist Nalina Chitrakar Ekai Chin
Contribution Sambojit Banskota  
Album of the Year Anil Singh MHZ (Album)
Recording Organization Music Dot Com  
Production Company BAP  
Model for a Video Dipanjali Lama Pal Pal
Group Aastha Ek Mauka
Congratulations To All the Winners and the nominees


Pepsodent Sangitik Itihaas - 2060

Presented by: Siddhartha Art Gallery and World Peace Propagation Forum

Sponsored by: Mayos, Horlicks, Chabaaza, SAV.

Sangitik Itihaas – 2060, Malai Shanti Chahiyeko Chha (I need peace) was organized on March 27 at BICC to summon aid for creating a children’s park in Sinamangal. The show, in which a dozen of celebrated artists and bands tendered their voice and music to school children’s entreaties for peace, was the first of its kind in the history of musical events in Nepal.

All of the poems were an appeal by these children for peace which artists sang in their own composition. Hard to grasp the words as it may have been with music, MCs Jay Nishant and Yasashwi Shah, the Fair & Lovely beauty, later read each poem aloud while the audience listened intently, marveling at the intensity and maturity of ideas displayed in the poetry.

The first of the performers were Sur Sudha and Anil Shahi. Anil, who is a classical-based guitarist, filled in for Sur Sudha’s Sitar player for that particular show. Together, they enthralled the audience with soulful melodies on tabla, flute and guitar. Next came 1974 AD’s Firoj Syangden and his seven-year-old daughter Rosenita who sang almost flawlessly. Perhaps the most rapturous welcome was received by 1974 AD. As a foretaste of their new album, the band gave the audience Pinjadako Suga and Guransai Fulyo- two numbers that jal reached the high notes of the song Asha remarkably well. (why wouldn’t he reach? He stands almost seven feet !!!) Raman Shrestha’s Sangai Gaauna was quite forgettable but the second song he sang had the most beautiful composition. There wasn’t much to see in Aastha band’s performance with Naren singing all alone. (No, the band has not split! Sudip, the other member, is in London for his studies.) Karma band’s Timro Maunatama was excellent but their second song was not up to much.

Karna Das’ voice accorded the right treatment and intensity to Sophina Luitel’s poem Shantiko Kamana. On audience’s request, the singer also sang his latest hit Thula-Thula Mahal Hoina. Nalina Chitrakar would have been very ordinary had it not been for one song Gori Kaali Mori. And similar could be said of Dipak Bajracharya ; Juju Nana Nana Nana being his saving grace. His voice and music did some justice to the poem Malai Shanti Chahiyeko Chha but the English song he sang didn’t quite add up. By the time Nirwan N’ Music Link took up the stage, half of the audience had left as it was already late since the show did not start along the lines. Still the band put up a spirited performance. Hats off to them!

The real stars of the show were the young school children whose poems came as a privilege to the singers and the bands. The children each received a letter of appreciation and a gift hamper from the artistes.

The event also saw the release of the album "Shantiko Sapana" which is a collection of the songs written by these young poets.

By Sudarsun Koirala

Click here For Pictures

JAZZ AT PATAN (March 24th/2004)

Jazzmandu--Kathmandu Jazz Festival 2004

Jazz came in as a break from western traditional, popular and classical music when, in 1895, New Orleans’ African-American musicians explored the possibilities of combining the essence of spirituals, ragtime, blues, and marches into creating a fresh brand of music. Much as its history is hard to find and follow, it is believed that the first Jazz was played by African-American and Creole musicians in New Orleans, and the first musician ever to play Jazz was Buddy Bolden.

With fusion experiments and Jazz’s popularity, both increasing steadily in Nepal, Jazz is slowly representing a break from the popular and classical music tradition of our country. One might say, Jazz is being introduced to Nepal in particularly the same fashion it was introduced to the world a century ago. However, it has come to us most successfully in the form of Indo-Jazz fusion.

In the fifties, American Jazz musicians John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy sought rich flavors of Indian music to jazz up their compositions. Teaming up with Indian legends like Ravi Shankar and T.S Vinayak in the sixties, John played saxophone alongside the Sitar and the Tabla maestros. The early seventies saw the likes of John McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu and Shakti bands take Indo-Jazz fusion to new heights. But things calmed down after this storm and remained as such until the late eighties when Indo-Jazz fusion suddenly found its renaissance. Since then, it has continued to capture audiences all over the world with unique and lively combination of Indian classical and western instruments at the hands of musical geniuses.

On March 24 at Patan Museum, we witnessed the very best of Jazz and Indo-Jazz fusion. One of the eleven programs of Jazzmandu 2004, Jazz at Patan exhibited scintillating performances by

  1. Gurudev Kamad – Vocals (Classical Ragas)
  2. Cadenza and Friends
    • Navin Chhetri – Drums, Vocals
    • Gaurab Raj Pandey – Keyboards
    • Pravin Chhetri –Trumpet and Guitar
    • Jigmee Dorje Sherpa – Guitar and Congas
    • Chi (Laxmi Raj) Thapa – Bass Guitar
  3. Max Lolo – Acoustic Guitar
  4. Manose Singh – Bamboo flute
  5. Hannah Vasanth Trio – Piano, Keyboard
  6. Brigitte Beraha - Vocals
  7. Santosh Bhakta - Ishraaj
  8. Peter Kroutil - Saxophone
  9. Suresh Raj Bajracharya – Sarod
  10. Charles Gatt – Drums and Vibraphone
  11. Rabin Lal Shrestha – Tabla
  12. Tom Mason – Bass Guitar
  13. Siddhant Thapa – Percussion
  14. Tipriti Kharbangar – Vocals
  15. Gaurav Basnet – Bass

Click Here for some pictures

By Sudarsun Koirala (Nepalisite.com)--With sincere thanks to Bidhya Baidhya, Hits Fm 91.2, for the information on Indo-Jazz fusion.

7th Close Up Hits Music Award Show was held on Feb 18th at Birendra International Convention Center, Kathmandu.  Senior Musician/Artist, Prem Dhoj Pradhan was honored with "Life Time Achievement Award" where as Karna Das bagged two awards including "Song Of The Year" and "Best Male Vocal Performance."  Following is the list of award holders in different categories :-


Award Holders

Best New Artist


Best Song in a Foreign Language

One Day At A Time by Robin N Looza

Folk Record of the Year

Tyo Pari Banma by Prakash Acharya

Folk Album of the Year

Jhaljhali Aakhaima by Tulsi Parajuli

Best Song Originally Recorded For A Motion Picture Soundtrack

Sukha Dhuka by Sambojeet Banskota

Best Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocals

Timilai Dhekhera by Mongolian Hearts

Best Pop Vocal Performance (female)

Pani Pani by Nalina Chitrakar

Best Pop Vocal Performance (Male)

Preeti Basyo by Nima Rumba

Best Vocal Collaboration

Timi Bina by Uday and Manila Sotang

Best Female Vocal Performance

Sagar Baru by Sapna Shree

Best Male Vocal Performance

Timi Mero by Karna Das

Song Of The Year

Sarangi Ta by Madhav P Ghimire

Record of The Year

Thula Thula Mahal by Karna

Album of The Year

Nabin by Nabin K Bhattarai


Congratulations To All.


For world peace, International Guitar Festival & The first Ethnomusicology Seminar was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from Oct 11th till Oct 13th.  It was Organized by "Classical Guitar Society of Nepal", Fort Resort and Malpi International College.
Master of Ceremony was Chiraj Bangdel, and the welcome speech was given by Kishor Gurung, the President of "Classical Guitar Society of Nepal".
Following was the schedule with performers:-

October 11, 2003 4 PM at Hotel Shanker
Opening Ceremony
Performance by Woratep Rattna-Umpawan 4 PM
Performance by Leon Koudelak (Liechtenstein)

October 12, 2003 4 PM at Hotel Shanker
Performance by Kishor Gurung at 4 PM
Performance by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Offermann (Germany)

October 13, 2003 1 PM at The Fort Resort - Nagarkot
Ethnomusicology Seminar
Informal Evening Concert

Guest Artists were as follows :-

Mr. Karl-Heinz Rommich (luthier)


Mr. Leon Koudelak


Mr. Yuichi Imai (luthier)


Mr. Jun Sugawara (editor Gendai Guitar)


Dr. David Henderson


Dr. Pirkko Moisala


Dr. Gert M. Wegner



(click here for pictures)

"Women in Concert" was held at Thamel Dechling Garden on Sept 26th of 2003. Avaya (lead vocalist) told us that, this show was most probably the first concert in Nepal with five female performing together on one stage. Sapana Thapa, Bidhaya Shrestha, Pamu and Rachana Gurung were the rest of the gang. Program started at 8 pm and lasted till 10 p.m. All the females sang solo in turns as well as a group song. Mostly English songs were performed even with "Tamang Selo" (ethnic song) beat.
After the show, Rachana Gurung who is also a fashion Choreographer, told us that it was her first performance with less practice was a little hard for her to perform. We wished her all the best in coming shows.

Dinner followed the show where the charge was only Nrs 750 that included the tickets and snacks.

Gaurav(Cadenza) helped in Key Board, Rajat in Guitars, Chandan in Guitars, Ritesh (Steam Engine) in Bass, and Alec(Ozo Bozo) in Drums.
Crowd was huge but the venue was small. Nevertheless it was a success.

(click here for pictures)

"M3 Festival" presented by Kathmandu Post, was held at Bhrikuti Mandap from Sept 5th till Sept 7th. Various artist participated in this event where Music, Momo and Movies entertained the crowd, and was the theme of the event as well.

Samir Karmacharya from Environment Television Production gave a positive response towards the event. However the ground was muddy due to bad rain. he further added 'Hilo Le Garda barbad Bhayo'. Venue was not suitable. I think its M4 festival (Momo,Music, Movies and MUD), funny."
But most of the crowd were dancing in muddy ground, some fully covered with mud.
Following were the bands/artist :-
  • Third World chaos

  • Brutal

  • Lem Raltz

  • The Axe Band

  • Robin n Looza

  • Girish & Unity,

  • Anil Singh

  • Kool Pokhrael

  • Sanjeep Singh

  • Nalina

  • Depesh K Bhattarai

  • Kamal Man singh

  • Backing Band The angels

  • Prathana

  • The Buds

  • The Season

  • Mongolian Hearts


Please Click On The Picture for More

Supported by Nepalisite.com the Agency presented Nima Rumba & Khem Gurung at Rox bar, Hyatt regency on August 23rd. Local Band "Thunderbolt" was an opening group who performed some English numbers.
Khem Gurung then started his performance with his hits songs such as "Khola ko Chiso Pani" & "Eka dashi Bazarima."

Nima Rumba soon followed Khem Gurung With backing band "The Angels" with songs like "Block Heel Shoes", "Oh Aau na", "Priti Basyo."
Kathmandu Professional Models Also Participated in the show. Gautam Mandhar from Agency thanked Nepalisite.com for coverage.
The program was sponsored by "Royal Stag" Whiskey. Special thanks to Gautam, Pratikshya, and Rashmi for working hard for this event.

(click here for pictures)

Heart Breakers, Nepal's Heart performed a show on August 16th at Radisson Hotel Casino, which is brand new.  They covered songs of artists of 60 “s till 21St century , such as Elvis , CCR, Pink Floyd.  Besides, they performed lots of Jazz and Soft Rock Numbers.  They even fulfilled some of the requests from audience by playing songs of Bryan Adams, 1974 AD, and Yogeshowr Amatya.  Program ended at round 11:45 p.m.  


"Save the Children" program was held on August 2nd at Royal Nepal Academy, organized by "PA NEPAL."  Indira Rana chairperson, of "Pa Nepal" welcomed guest, and also briefed about the "Pa Nepal" working towards children  that are in prison.  Show was hosted by Samdhea Sherpa, popular comedian where he also performed various funny acts.  Director Pratap Subba was the chief guest of the program which collected funds for children in prison. 

(click on the picture at the right for more pictures)

Following artists/bands entertained the audience during the program :-

Artist/Band Songs
Nalina Chitrakar "Pani Pani" & "Ka Sai Ko"
Hemanta sharma "Maya Sharai Mahango"
Roshan Gurunag "Paisha Thulo C ha !"
Rajesh Payal Rai "Gahu Beshima" &, "Baiguni Rahechu"
Sugam Pokharel "Sacheko Maya" & "Feri Tyo Din"
Khem raj Gurung "Khola Ko Chiso Pani" & "Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna"
Creative band "Himal Ko chori"
Axis Band Nepali numbers
Robin n Looza "Bhul ma Bhulyo" & "Knocking' On Heaven's Door"
Sangeet Sadhana Group Ethnic Dance

"Fiesta", "Hip Hop" and "Rap" show took place at Hyatt Regency on August 9th where "Hip Hop" and "Rap" groups of Nepal performed live.  Show started at around 3 pm with an instrumental number by "X-Marika."  "Shree King", "Rappaz Union", "Lazy Boy" from Canada performed "Hip Hop" and "Rap" Numbers.  New album of "Shree King" was also released on the same day, which is also their first "Hip Hop" album.
Besides "Hip Hop" and "Rap" music, there was a heavy metal group called "Justice Nowhere" consisting of three female members, who performed "mind blowing numbers".  The trio criticized the politicians, Maoist, Corrupted Government, Nepali cops. "X-Marika" also performed their popular number "Mero Nepal."  Lastly, Dj Subarna entertained the crowd playing some Dancing number, where some of the Kathmandu Models (Manjil Rajiv, Arpana) were also shaking their body on the dance floor. More than 500 people showed up where the cover charge was Nrs. 170 per person. Click Here For pictures.

Deepak Bajaracharya kicked off with his band members live at "MOKSH" on Aug 9th. Deepak performed songs like "Sun San TyoRaat", "Priya", "Maya ko Dorile", "Jiu da Jihudai", "Rithu" and more.  Deepak also performed few English numbers including "Stand By Me."  It was a small venue with huge turnout. Some fans were not happy due to the fact the show ended at early (ended at around 9 p.m.).  According to the owner Nirakar (member of 1974AD) the bar needs to be closed early to avoid nebihor's compaint.

Spandan Saanj organized by Nepal Film Technician took place on July 26th/2003 at Royal Nepal Academy.  Foreign Minister Sarvendra Nath Sukla was the chief guest of the show managed by Sharp Arrows P. Ltd.

Opening dance was a "Shiva" dance performed by "Nateswori Sangeet Bidhalya".  Various dances were performed by dancers from "Kamana Kala kendra".  "Thali" dance was also performed by Mahesh. 

Beside dancers, there were singers as well who performed their hit numbers.  Here are some of the songs performed :-

Artist Song
Prabesh Man Shakya "Tiri ri Murali Bajyo"
Yash Kumar "Na aau mero Najik"
Nalina Chitrakar "Masti"
Puja Lama with Puspa Lama "Eh Ho"
Sur Sudha with Anil Sahi in Guitar Resham Firiri & Rajamati Kumati, and more

Film Stars such as Rajesh Hamal, Mithila Sharma, Bashundara Bhusal, Ashok Sharma, Shayam Ghimire also did their performance on beautifuly decorated stage (decorated by Art director-- Nirzal Sherestha), entertained the audience.

Later in the show, awards were awarded to Murari Thakur, Gopal Bhutani, Sambhu dev, Javed Saha, Padeep Upadhiya, Basanta Jang Rayamajhi, Gahendra dhimal, Gayani Shova Tuladhar, Udhav raj Bhattrai(a.k.a. Junghe Bhattrai), Bishnu Lama, Narayan Timilsina, and Krishna Timilsina. (click here for pictures). 

Heavy Metal hasn't gone yet. Recently (July 26th) three young guys (Avash Chipalu, Robin Rana, and Partha Joshi) organized a heavy metal show at Mahindra Police Club. Metal Melts was the name of the concert where various local bands participated. Some of bands were Muga, Brutal, Albatross, Third World Chaos, X-Marika, among others who performed heavy metal numbers.
Partha Joshi, one of the organizer told us that their goal is to reach out to heavy metal fans, and he also added that the had just finished +2 exams and was a good opportunity to organize a show.
Sarita Gurung, and Nahmton Nembang from R.C. Thamel, were some of many attendees told us that they enjoyed the show that had "mind blowing numbers".
Metal Melts didn't have any sponsors but parents helped in organizing.
(Pictures coming soon--check at photo galleries).

Former vocalist/bassist of POLICE, Sting was on his personal visit to Nepal from July7th till July18th.  During his visit, he met with Crown Prince and Princess at Jeevan Kung.  He was accompanied by his son and two friends Bobby Sagar, and Simon Astaire.

-->On the occasion of King's birthday, New Road Mahatsov was held in Kathmandu on July 12th . Program full of entertainment was inaugurated by Crown Prince.  Some of the special attraction included food stall, flea market and games.  There was a concert as well, where the winner of No 1. Rock Jatra, E started the program at 4:30 p.m.  Most of the bands were new and performed mostly English songs. 

"Vhuyu" from Patan, expressed his disappointment by telling us that most of the bands were new and not very popular yet, some even sang out of tune.  He further added that the organizer should have selected some good ones.

Responding to such remarks, Rakesh Sherestha  a.k.a “PATLU” (Organizer team member) told us, that they gave a chance for new artists/bands who voluntarily participated, and we the organizer wanted to prove that the event will be successful even without Professional Band (who demands lot's of money).  He further added saying “This will be good lesson for professional. Bands”.

New Road Mahatsov had over 25 thousand attendees where there was no cover charge.

Unfortunately, Fashion show was cancelled in last minutes due to lack of time which left models (who had practiced for a week) with disappointments. One of the models even criticized the organizer about poor time management, and told us that modeling in Nepal doesn’t have a value which is very sad. Program frame 10 a.m. till 8 P.m. 

 An evening of Jazz and African Rhythms with one of the hottest Musicians from West Africa, Max-Lolo performed with Nepal’s own jazz group “Cadenza” at “1905” in Kantipath near Bowling Blvd.

Max opened the show with an instrumental piece at 8p.m. and continued performing his own compositions from his own album.

Max was playing lead guitar as well as a traditional instrument from Africa.  Members of Cadenza were also pleased to perform with Max.  Crowd especially enjoyed Max’s song “Bughe Bughe”.  Heart Breakers, Kathmandu’s Blues band was also among the crowd who had also performed with Max previously at X-T and restaurant in Thamel, which he tells nepalisite.com as a memorable moment.

Program Producer, Alicia was very pleased with huge turnout, where even an American Ambassador to Nepal (H.E. Michael E. Malinowski) was dancing, and told us that the jazz program was very fantastic.  Similarly media spokesperson from Embassy told that it was a very wonderful jazz music with everyone enjoying.  Lastly MAX-LOLO thanked Nepalisite.com for covering the event and also told us that he will be back with his band soon.   Thanks to Mr. Jeet Lama (Food & Beverage Manager).

"Basantapur Mahatsov" concluded on July 8th.  Dharma Path Yuwa Club organized the three days of entertainment with live music and food festival, on the auspicious Birthday of His Majesty King Gayenendra.  According to the President of the club, the event was held not only to celebrate the King’s Birthday, but to give a chance to the people to enjoy.  Entrance fee was just Nrs. 15, where more than 50 thousand of crowd was expected but only 25000 showed up due to rain. 

Besides cultural show, and dance, there was live music by Deepak Bajracharya, Blind Faith, Kamal Man Singh.

On July8th, a new group called “Revibe” performed Billy Idol’s “Hey Little Sister”, and also did their own numbers.  Creative Band (Ladies) also performed their own numbers .  Sajana KC (drummer for the band) was excited to perform on the stage.

Similarly “Nibha” group who was the winner of  Shikhar Beat,  performed “The Wall “ from Pink Floyd, and also performed their own composition "Afno Deshma", a Nepali number.  According to the band member Rabindra and Kiran,  they are in search of a sponsor for their recording of their new album.  Unfortunately the group missed “No.1 Rock Jatra” where due to the injury of their guitarist.  They were the finalist in Rock Jatra.  All the members of the band attend Everest College.

X-Mantra closed the event by performing their mind-blowing numbers.  Crowd stayed during the whole performance despite of rain.

On The Auspicious Birthday(68th birthday) of his Holiness "Dalai Lama", Keshang released his first album which consists of English tracks .  His new album titled "It's all Good" was released by a senior artist/musician Ishawar Gurung from "Namaste Band".  It was released on July 6th at New Orleans Bar, in Thamel.

He told Nepalisite.com that he hopes that people will like his album which has soft rock numbers, instrumental numbers and also different pattern of music.  All the tracks are composed and written by the artist himself except two cover songs which were originally recorded by Elton John, and David Crosby.

We also asked for some opinion about his music from the audience, and Kris from Australia) told Nepalisite.com that he liked a song titled "Wizard" dedicated to Dalai Lama for his long life.  Sudesh Shrestha, owner of the bar assisted Keshang in Bass Guitar.

Album was recorded at Namaste Studio arranged by Amar Pokhraeli.

Nepalisite.com would like to thank Keshang, and Tejendra who suggested that he should target outside Nepal since there is limited market for English Music in Nepal.


"Sounds of Africa", a jazz program was held on July 4th at Hotel Shangri-la. Show started at 8:15p.m. and lasted till late night.
"Lolo", an African (from Benin) artist performed beautiful jazz numbers at Jazz Bar with Nepal's own jazz group "CADENZA". "Lolo" spoke to Nepalisite.com and said that it was his first ever show in Nepal, and was very happy to perform. His CDs were on sale as well.
Program producer Alicia (from US), informed Nepalisite.com, that she was very pleased to do a show in Nepal, but she expected a larger crowd which she is expecting on July 10th at 1905, Kantipath. She thanked Nepalisite.com for the coverage.
Cadenza Band member, Navin (Drumer) told us--it's easy to perform with Lolo". 
Cadenza Keyboard -- Gaurav told us that he would have been more happy if there were more Nepali in the crowd. He further added, "Ya needless to say that nepali can't offer !". 
Ramesh Basnet of Jazz bar was very excited from this program, and said "Ya it's really good Audience really enjoyed Max -Lolo songs". 

Some facts about LOLO--

Country of Origin: Benin (In Africa)
Hobbies: Dancing & Swimming
Influence: Own Family
Instrument: Guitar (learned through his brother)
Best Food: "OHO" (From Corn)
Favorite Artist: George Benson
About Nepal: "Such a cool country.  I really love and wanna come again and again". in his own words)

International Music Day
was held in Kathmandu on June 21st. French students started the program by performing French songs. Similarly, students from Jupiter Music Center played piano, guitars and some key boards.  Classical Music as well as Modern Songs were performed by students from Kalanidhi Indira Sangeet Mahavidhaylaya, Madhurima Kala Kendra.
Prabin Bikram Rana, Deputy Director of "Af De Kathmandu" informed Nepalisite.com that gold plated plaque is handed to new Artists, and every artists performed voluntarily. More than 50 artists performed during this Music day which is held every year.

Classical musician Santosh Bhakta Sherestha from a group called Bajra, was present, whose students performed during the show.  Also was present Mahesh Nakarmi (BAND MEMBER of COB WEB) helped his friends in Rhythm section.

Evening Rock Session was started By "Holocaust Band", performing Heavy Metal Numbers. Similarly "Shree Om Band" Performed Their Up coming New Album Numbers, and Hit Numbers("E Hawa Purydeu mero Sandesh").
Robin n Looza couldn't perform due to rain that made some fans very disappointed.

Kesang is releasing a CD "It's All Good" on July 6th at New Orleans Bar , Thamel.

Result of POP AWARD:-
Awards Artists/Bands
Best Male Vocal Deepak Bajracharya
Best Female Vocal Bimala Rai
Best Rap Girish & Pranil
Best New Artist Sanjeep Singh
Best Rock Vocal Robin n Looza
Band of the Year Bro Sis
Best Album Yash Kumar
Best lyricist Haricharan Lamichane
Best Music Video Aastha
Best Composer Sambhujit Banskota
Record of the Year Yogeshwor amatya(Rock Yogis)
Star of the Region Nima Rhumba
Best stage Performers male and female Dhiraj Rai And Ramali
Life Time Achievement Award Om Bikram Bista

Event was held on June 14th.  

Inter School Talent Show was held on June 21st at Royal Nepal Academy, Kathmandu. Show was presented by AYFA ( Active Youth Friend Ship Association). Chief guest "Swami" Prannacharya (member of Royal Council Standing Committee) inaugurated the program. President of AYFA, Mr. Madhav welcomed all the guests, judges.
Program coordinator, Mr. Krishna Luitel informed Nepalisite.com that the event was for raise funds for the charity that supports the poor and needy students. Chief coordinator, and media coordinator, Miss Sumitra told Nepalisite.com that such an event is first of its kind where artists participated voluntarily.
Students from various schools performed dances, Drama, songs ,etc.  Followings are the schools that participated :-
School Result
Bhanu Bhakata Memorial Third
Zenith High Winner
Ankur Vidayashram  
Triyog High  
Himalayan International Second
Nobel Academy  
New Zenith  
Deep Shikha  
Kingdom High  

One of the memorial item was a "Baby Fashion Show" performed by students from New Zenith School.

Famous Artists such as Nima Rumba, Dhiraj Rai, Deepesh . K. B, Sugam Pokharel, Lasta Joshi also entertained the crowd by performing their hit songs.

The event was a sucess where Swami Prapannacharya felicitated  Dr. Bhola Rijal,Mr. Muni Bahadur Shakya,Mr. Ananda Thapa,
Mrs. Sumitra Dangol,Mr. Bashanta Kumar Sharma,Mr. Fattehe Man Rajbhandari,Mr. R.k Manandhar, and Mrs Bimala Thapa – 

"Rock Jatra (Rock Music, Art, & Photo Competition)" was held on June 14th where six finalist from different colleges performed in Music section, except Everest College due to the injury of their guitarist. Event was presented by PSI Nepal( Social Marketing for Health), and managed by ZAP. "NO.1" Condom was distributed to everyone with 25Nrs ticket 
holders.  Six finalists were: -
Colleges Bands
Prime College Wyvern
National Integrated College Elysium
Everest College Nibha
Kathmandu Academy KA guys
Kantipur City College KCC Boys
Fine Art College Rudrakshy

CB Chetri, Manhor Gayawali, Ashish Sinha, Daniel Karthak, and Iman Bikram Saha were judges for the musical program.

Show started at 2:30 p.m. with performance by an opening band from Kathmandu Academy.
During the competition, MC Chirag Bangdel entertained crowd of 5000 with some pop quiz related to "Sex" and "No. 1 Condom", and gave away "NO. 1." T-shirts and hats to the winners of the quiz.  "Elysium" from National Integrated College" bagged the first prize.
Mr. Steven W. Honeyman(PSI representative for Nepal) distributed prizes and token to the winners. When asked by Nepalisite.com, Mr. Honeyman said that his message to youth through music by Using "NO. 1" condom and save life. Lauren Seto(Program officer of PSI), told Nepalisite.com that they were satisfied with the program, and further said "ya, it was successful. Our goal is Public Awareness for HIV. We throw the message to youth by musical concert.".

After the performances by the college bands, Guest Artists/Bands took the stage. Some of the guest artists/bands are as follows:-

  • Abhishek Shrestha
  • Rusty Nails
  • Wild Flower
  • X-Mantra
  • Robin n Looza

Art Section  winner-- Rajendra Gurung-- Xavier International
Photo Section winner-- Debashish Yonjan. -- Malpi Institute.
"Pictures coming Soon"---Check the photo gallery section..

"Pine Lights International Music Festival" was held in Kathmandu on May 30th and May 31st.  "World Class Pines" presented the world class entertainment where artists from Australia, Persia, Switzerland, Guyana, Caribbean Nations, India, U.K. participated.   Nepalisite.com was present on Friday during the event.  Program was started by Bhaskar Raj Karnikar, where various local artists performed with International Artists.  Here are some of the Nepalese artists that performed during the festival: -
Manahari Thapa "Rhiy rihy Tanki Matin Tan"
Bam Bahadur Thapa "Jhyai Paryo"
Ram Thapa "A Kali Ho"
Ramali (Rama & Eliza) "Suna Suna"
Kunti Moktan "Choli Ramro"
Yam Baral "Nisthure le"
Nalina Chitrakar "Masti"
Sarishma Amatya "Nidharma Tika Cha"
Sanjeep Pradhan "Sire Ma Sire"
Om Bikram Bista "Ma Maunta Ma"
Yogeshowr Amatya "Jaba Sandhya Huncha"

Legends like Kumar Basnet, Mira Rana along with other artists also performed.  Besides, singers/artists, some Nepali film stars (Jal Saha, Rekha, Nir Shah, Krishna Malla, Narad Khatiwada, Niruta Singh) were also present.  Last but not least, "Robin N Looza" performed songs like "Dum Maro Dum"(HINDI), "Nepal","Bhul ma Bhulyo","Pahilo Nam Whiskey Ho Doshro Nam Gaaja",and "Chiso Chiso Hawama".

Event was managed by "Everest Exhibitions" who told Nepali Site.com that this type of event was first in Nepal.

Mega Concert by Deepak Bajracharya was held on May 24t at Dashrath Stadium, in Kathmandu.  M.C. Ganesh Prashad Timilsina started with a message “NO TOBACCO”.  D.J. Raju started the DJ session at 3:30 p.m. playing variety of his choice in different flavor mixing Nepali and foreign music. The opening band led by Pradeep Joshi (lead guitarist of Zenith Band) entertained the crowd with some instrumental pieces.

After some warm up by Deepak’s band, M.C. Ganesh and Dixa presented Deepak, who started the program by singing the song ("Aai Deu Priye Ma Nidayeko Bela") form the back of the stage, and slowly came to the stage in front of thousands of fans.

Deepak performed around 20 songs including “O Amira”, “Maya Ko Dori”, “Kali Kali”, and “Dhuwa” which directed a message “Na Udau Jivan Dhuwa Ma” (Lets not waste our life in smoke).

Deepak concluded the show by singing all his hit numbers mixing into one song.

Security Arrangement By Nepal Police with private guard was very effective.

Mr. Vivek of environmentnepal.com.np was impressed with the show despite some fake publicity where 950000 watts lights was missing and absence of L.C.D presentation, which was also mentioned in the publicity.  He added that “this is good trick for ticket selling, any way Deepak entertained us.”

Vivek also told Nepalisite.com that if every body quit smoking then our environment will also be safe.  He further added that Deepak did a great job, and happy from the program, where weather also played a good part. 

Nepalisite.com would like to thank Rajesh Dhakwa, Deepak Bajracharya, and band member Pujan for their great help.

"Newa Mahatshov" was held in "Tudikhel Khula Maanch" from May23rd till May 27th, but was extended till May29th due to demand.  Program was organized by "Newa Bhasa Manka Khala".  Nepalisite was there on May 27th.  Program was started by R.J. Pramila Shrestha(well known R.J. in Newari Program) with her "Golden Voice".  "Nasa Dabu Yala" group performed a welcome dance in "Mikhaya Ajala" newari song.  Here are some of the performers : -
Sameer Manandhar "Nhyu daya Lastyya"
Ram Krishna Khadgi "Hello Krishna--Huka Da"
Roshan Tuladhar "Man Vitra Naulo"
Kranti Ale (Dr. Pilot) "Ye Hoi", "Mansoonn Mansoon "
kathmandu Cats Various Newari Songs.
Namaste Band Preformed their own songs.
Fashion Show was also conducted during the concert, which was performed by "Newa Dabu" students.  "De-Morcha" band from Pokhara also entertained the crowd. (photo coming soon..)

Fourth Annual Concert by Anni Drolma was presented by "The Nuns Welfare Foundation".  Concert took place on may 25th at Durbar Room, Hotel Yak n Yeti in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Proceeds from the concert will go to "Arya Tara School".  Videsha Shrestha started the program with a welcome speech.  Following Mantras were performed : -

Gaitri:  "Om bhurbuv svah tatsavitur varenyinam Bhargo devashya dhimahi dhiyo yonn pracho dayat"

Vajra Guru: "Om ah hung vajra guru padma siddhi hung"
Maha Mrityunjaya: 

Om trayam bhakam yajamahe
Sugandhim pushtivardha nam
Vruaruka miva vanda nan
Mrityor Mukshiya mamritat

Program List
Chyendren Invocation Prayers
Monlam Prayers of Aspiration
Soldep Supplication Prayers
Kabdro Semke Prayers of Refuge
Spiritual Feast Song
After The intermission, Anni performed with local jazz band "Cadenza".  
Amazing Grace/Seven-line Guru Rinpoche
Mantra(English Christian song of liberation, Tibetan mantra honoring "padmasambhava")
"Gaitri Mantra" (Hindu)
"Shalom Male Kam" (Hebrew song of peace)
"Maha Mrityaunjaya Mantra/Vajra Guru Mantra" (Hindu/Buddhist Mantras)
Program was co-coordinated by Susal (Director of Nuns Welfare Foundation).  More than 95 percent of the audience was foreigner.  Audience also supported by singing "Om Mane Padma Hung" at the end.

"Ek Dum Live", presented by No.1 condom of Nepal was held on 18th May/2003,in Dashrath Stadium with various artists/bands Ek-Dum Live”. Message of the show was “Use Condom. Save Life”.  Free condoms were distributed to every one by the organizer.  Girls were shy to take condoms than guys. Program was started by well known R.J. Prashant and Ashish.  All the artists/bands performed their hits songs.  Here is the list of some songs that were performed : -

Sugam Pokhrale "Feri Tyo Din, Mero Sansar"
Dipesh K. Bhattarai "Vedako Uun Jasto"
Nalina Chitrakar "Gori Kali Sani Mori Masti"
Sanjeep Singh "Aakash Bata", "Chulesima"
Nima Rumba "Oh Aauna", "Mayalu"
Mongolian Hearts "Saayad Timro Batoma"

Weather was not supportive while Mongolian Hearts were performing.  Most of the people left the venue due to thunderstruck, and rain.  Fans of Robin n Looza were not happy .  Stage was affected while Robin n Looza were performing injuring the drummer.  Nalina Chitrakar performed only in Kathmandu.  Matchbox, camera, cigarette, and alcohol were strictly prohibited.

"DumDar Hits Struck"-- Music For Peace campaign was held at BCCA ground on May 3rd.  Bupendra Bajracharya ( Lead Guitars), Prabin Shrestha (Bass), Kiran Shrestha (Keyboard), Aman Kapali (Drums), and Indra Man Singh (Congo), were the musicians that backed the singers.
Program was started by Binod playing "Jangi Nissan Hamro" tune in a flute.  Following are the highlight songs of the evening:-
Hemanta Sharma "Maya Sarai Mahango"
Abinash Ghising "Oh cops dai Hami daju Bhai and Timro babu le Tabala samjhe"
G.P. "Ma yasto chu usto chu Sabai vanda dami chu."
Dipesh Kishore Bhattarai "Veda Ko Uun Jasto" (From new Album), and "Kahile Timi"
Shadow "Chari udyo badal chuna"
Anil sing "SimSim pani ma" and "Mero Prem Patra"
Badri Pagni, Sila Alhe, Mr. Bhandari "Kharinema Gate".
Deepak Bajracharya was not able to attend the program.  
Master of The Ceremony for the program was Pawan (R.J). All the artists/band gave an excellent show despite the lack of attendance of the audience due to lack of media. 

"Media Cup" football match was held last week.  Nepal Television team won by 2 goals over Kantipur T.V.  The match was organized by Radio Nepal.

"Rappaz Union" -- Nepal's rap group "Rappaz Union" is coming out with their third album, and will be throwing a release party with live performance on April19th at Nanglo's Deli, Thamel.  Please check their website for details. (www.rappazunion.com)

"Singers Vs. Film Stars"-- There will be a football match between singers and film stars of Nepal on April 10th at Dashrath Stadium.  Singers include Eliza , Rama Upreti, Nalina chitrakar, Bimala Rai, Kunti Moktan, Sukmit Gurung, Sanjeep Pradhan, Deepak Bajcharya, Ram Shrestha and much more.

"Symbol of Nepal"--Sur Sudha's 8th album was released on Jan28th at Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The album was released officially by American Ambassador to Nepal, H.E. Michael E. Malinowski.

Hits FM Music Award will be held on Feb8th.  Nepal Television will broadcast the program at 4.45p.m.(Nepal Time).

Inter College Competition Results:

Winner--Pulchowk Campus (Birds eye View)

  • First Runner-up     --Nepal Commerce Campus (Okerni)

  • Second Runner-up --Himalayan White house (Friction)

  • Best Lyricist         --Nepal Commerce Campus (Okerni)

  • Best Vocalist        --Sumesh Bajracharya (Campion College)

  • Best Lead             --Sumesh Bajracharya (Campion College)

  • Best Bass             --Sumesh Bajracharya (Campion College)

  • Best Drummer        --Aylon Sthapit (Himalayan White House)


"The Himalayan Times Inter College Competition" was held on Jan11th and following are the 10 finalists:-

  1. Alpine International College
  2. Arunima Higher Secondary School
  3. Campion Kathmandu College
  4. Don Bosco College
  5. Himalayan White House
  6. Kantipur City College
  7. Kathmandu University
  8. Nepal Commerce Campus
  9. Pulchok Campus
  10. St. Xaviers College

"Fund Raising Event"(Jan10th) --Jems Pradhan, Nalina Chitrakar, Dhiraj Rai, Dipesh Kishor Bhattarai, Sambojeet Banskota along with Santosh Pant, Nir Shah will be involved in fund raising event at Dashrath stadium this Saturday.  The fund raising is for the victims due to fire in Taplejung district last month.

"Shikar Beat Contest" was recently held on Jan4th/5th 2003.  Here is the result of the contest:-

  • Best Band          -- Niva (awarded 75,000NRS in cash)

  • 1st Runner-up     -- Prayana Band from Bara district (35,000NRS awarded)

  • 2nd Runner-up     -- Punam Band(Tital Award--6,000NRS awarded)

  • Best Vocal         -- Priti from Niva Band

  • Best Guitarist     -- Bikasu from Niva Band

  • Best Lead          -- Gopal Rashiree from "Green Chilly Band"

  • Best Rhythm      -- Dharsan from "Pranaya Band"

  • Best Drummer     -- Pisan from "Green Chilly Band"

  • Best Lyricist       -- Prabin Nischal from "Nisad Band"

  • Best Composition-- Pramod Moktan from "Pranaya Band"

"Carlsberg Rock Yatra" did take place, and was probably the biggest (with crowds up to 50,000) since the SAF game of 1998.  Despite the security, around 150 chairs were broken, and the crowd outside the stadium jostled in different direction.  Police even had to use sticks/baton at the entrance.
The event was managed by Vogue Management company, where Miss Nepal 2002, Malvika was selling 1974AD merchandise.
Rock Yatra will also be held in Pokahara and Dharan after few months.

New Artist Yash Kumar and Dipesh Kishor Bhattarai recently returned back from Sikkim, India program.

Ram Krishna Dhakal, a famous singer ties a knot with Nilam Saha (Nov30th/2002), who have appeared in few magazines as a model.  According to the source, Ram Krishna Dhakal fell in love when he saw her photographs on the paper for the first time.

"CLOSE UP" Hits FM Music Award Coming Soon

Son of Bhakta Raj Acharya; Mr. Som/Satya Raj Acharya re-recorded and also released his own father's songs--Mutu Jali Rahecha


Musicians Speak - The Nanglo Get Together

Nischal Shrestha of Metal Cross organized a get together of contemporary Nepali rockers at Nanglo's in late March. The cream of Nepal's crooners including Yam Baral, Srijan Tamrakar (of Okeli), Sanjay Shrestha (Crossroads), female crooner Eliza Shrestha and Sunit Kansakar, guitarist of Robin and Looza were present. Any artist will naturally appreciate being around other artists and the mood at the gathering was lighthearted with plenty of jokes and repartee.

ON spoke to the individuals gathered and collected their views on various topics connected to their field. Most of our musicians are satisfied with the direction Nepali music is taking nowadays. There is a lot happening too with everyone having albums in the pipelines. Regarding their relationships with each other, every member of the gathering expressed a deep respect for the others. In a field that is often dogged by controversy this was a heartening fact to note.

ON presents excerpts from all the interviews we took.

S R I J A N   T A M R A K A R  (O K E L I)

"We are coming up with a new album called 'Aha' in Baisakh. This is in keeping with the spirit of Spring. We hope that our album 'Aha' will come like a breath of fresh air for the Nepali music scene."

"I am very inspired by my colleagues in the music industry. I have only the deepest respect for all of them and I am truly grateful for the way they have supported me since I began my career."

 S A N J A Y   S H R E S T H A  (C R O S S R O A D S)

"I'm extremely busy nowadays with my new album which I plan to release in two months. Besides this, I'm also providing the background scores for a few films."

"I'm very satisfied with the direction Nepali mainstream music is taking nowadays. We are becoming much more professional."

"Rather than the musicians themselves it is the  Nepali Government that should promote Nepali music abroad. Sadly, the government has not taken any steps in this direction, Nowadays it the efforts of musicians and fans that are resulting in exposure abroad."

 S U N I T   K A N S A K A R  (R O B I N & L O O Z A)

"Robin and Looza are very busy recording their third album now. This album too, will have mix of English and Nepali tracks, We're experimenting with fusion in this album too. We're very interested in the market outside Nepal and hopefully this album will see an international release."

"Robin travels to France every year and our second album, particularly the single "Just for a day,' was very well received there."

"Fusion is not easy to create. We don't just play and record. A song has to feel right. It has to be from deep down inside, and it is this, that makes a song sound good."

 E L I Z A  S H R E S T H A 

"I'm producing a new album nowadays with my friend Rama Upreti. This album is being created with a totally new concept. It will be released within a month."

"This is a very novel gathering. I'm really enjoying myself here. To be among so many singers whom I respect and draw inspiration from is great."

 R A M   S H R E S T H A

"This gathering of artists is very novel. I really fell very honoured to be here."

"I am producing a new album nowadays but it will be some time before this album is released. I plan on releasing it within six months."

"The folk music of a country is extremely important in preserving its ethnic identity. My next album will definitely have many folk songs. However my fans also like me singing songs with a Western flavour, so this album will have a few Western type songs also."

Source from "ON The Magazine "


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