On the occasion of the 261st Nepal Army Day, we’re highlighting the rich history and valor of the Gurkha soldiers through a post shared by Sunil Ulan, a dedicated archivist from Pokhara, Nepal. Ulan, known for his passion for preserving Nepal’s history, has reshared a collection of historical photographs and insights on his Facebook page, which captures the essence of Gurkha bravery and documents key milestones in the development of the Nepali Army.

Ulan’s post traces the origins of the Gorkhali state from B.S. 1616 (approximately AD 1559) and its evolution into the Nepali Army by B.S. 1801 (approximately AD 1744). It celebrates the formation of the first Gorkh Brigade in B.S. 1819 (approximately AD 1762), a critical moment in Nepal’s military history. The post emphasizes the Gurkhas’ significant roles not just within Nepal but also in the British Army, Indian Army, and Singapore Armed Forces, highlighting their commendable service during both World Wars.

Yearly, the Nepali Army marks ‘Army Day’ aligned with the auspicious festival of ‘Maha Shivaratri’, celebrated in Hindu tradition.

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