In a recent turn of events, a photograph depicting Prime Minister Prachanda near a Nepali Army helicopter has gone viral, stirring controversy and speculation across social media platforms. The image, captured during the Prime Minister’s visit to Gorkha for an interaction program with the locals, shows him with his newlywed granddaughter and her family at a helipad.

In response to the widespread speculation, Pradeep Raj Onta, a photographer from the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, took to Facebook to provide clarity and context. He explained that the photograph was taken as the Prime Minister was returning from formal interaction programs with the public in various locations in Gorkha.

In his post, Onta urged people not to exaggerate or misinterpret the photo, requesting that they avoid unnecessary confusion and refrain from spreading misinformation. He emphasized the importance of understanding the context behind the image, which depicts a personal moment rather than an abuse of government resources.

Adding to the discourse, the Prime Minister’s Secretariat also issued a statement on social media, addressing the rumors directly and defending the Prime Minister’s integrity.

The post from the Secretariat highlighted that the Prime Minister, during his visit to his electoral region in Gorkha, encountered his relatives, and a photo taken at that time has been misused to spread false rumors. The statement condemns the spread of such misinformation, asserting it as an attempt to undermine the Prime Minister’s political commitment and urging the public not to fall for the misleading narratives.

Prime Minister Prachanda was in Jyamireghat, Ward No. 7 of Gandaki Municipality in Gorkha on Wednesday, to participate in a program organized by the Maoist Centre.

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