Nirmal Purja aka Nimsdai, the renowned mountaineer, recently made waves with his allegations that ropes were intentionally cut high on Mount Everest. This claim has triggered a wide range of reactions on social media, from support to skepticism. Nepal Tourism has also weighed in, promising an investigation into the matter.

In his social media post on May 26th, Purja expressed his frustration, saying he was “speechless” about the rope cutting incident and decrying the “dirty politics” in mountaineering. He vowed to expose those responsible if necessary.

Reactions on Social Media:

One commenter wrote, “I believe Nims is trying to gain sympathy from people now. Recently, there have been a few pieces of bad news about him, and it seems like he is attempting to divert attention….

Another added, “Nirmal Purja wants to Fight with sherpa climber. Nirmal urja is famous in the world Because of sherpa. behind your success there is a Sherpa climber. you must have to say thank you so much Sherpa.if No Sherpa climber No mountain . Why doing all like this”

“Now we all know why you take heli without permission on everest camp 2.”

“Be careful everyone guys. He just want to spread hate against Sherpas. The fixed rope was safe. Unsafe is his dirty brain.”

“Nims you give the Sherpa people a bad look. You are only in things for your own self promotion.”

“Don’t run behind the rummers and fake news 😔 And also for popularity and viral😒 Just do your job 👍 About this fake video please check the authentic notice from NTB. I want attached here but it’s blocked”


“This donkey is doing intentionally to become famous on social media. RIP Nirmal Purja( donkey )”

“haha stop trying to gain sympathy u frau***** ,it has already been proved that the rope was not cut, go back to ur countr*****y”

“Not believing it for one minute – mountain pros have nothing to gain for this.”

“The nepal government have released a statement saying this is untrue. No idea what is going on up there but hopefully no one dies due to deliberate sabotage.”

“Dear @nimsdai I respect all the hardwork you did in the mountains, Beyond this, all of our Sherpa Brothers has taken a vital role for your Climbing journey over every 8000ers, I do respect you alot.

“But coming this far, Without proof, You’re blaming our Climbing Community & putting the words politics is to totally disrespectful for others climbers . Without any proof you can’t put such things on internet.”


“I’m sorry you’re facing this.”

“But you’re strong, strong than most. No doubt you’ll beat this!”

“Don’t let this get your spirits down mr. Purja. Although very annoying and a lot of work to fix new ropes, you and your team have been through worse. Wish you all the best, strenght and endurance. Keep your focus on the job. Those people will feel the storm when you are returned”

“Hi, a cutten rope is the last thing, what’s happening here? What’s this all about, because climbers are now being turned against climbers?”

“Your group is being singled out?”

“Stay safe! You are an inspiration!  Don’t let them silence you!”

“Thank you for calling them out. We’re with you always.”

“Horrific to think someone would deliberately cut fixed ropes. It’s not the right way to go about it. Stay safe Nims!”

Nepal Tourism’s Response:
Nepal Tourism has issued a press release addressing the controversy. The Department of Tourism (DoT) expressed serious concern over Purja’s claims, stating that another team successfully reached the summit shortly after Purja’s alleged incident, finding the ropes intact. The DoT emphasized that there was no issue with the ropes and called Purja’s statements damaging to Nepal’s mountaineering reputation. They assured stakeholders that the rope fixing for the season was complete and reliable. Additionally, the DoT announced a legal investigation into Purja and others for potentially spreading misinformation to gain popularity, urging the media to rely on official information.

Here is the press release:

“The Department of Tourism (DoT) expresses its serious concern towards a statement posted by climber Nirmal Purja on social media, Instagram. On May 26, 2024, Nirmal Purja said ropes between Balcony and South Col of Everest were snapped and in a conversation with Babu Sherpa of Peak Promotion it was reported that the dead body management team of the expedition company had returned without accomplishing the mission. Even after climber Purja claimed the snapping of ropes, a team of climbers from Pioneer Adventures Pvt. Ltd. successfully stood atop Everest at 12:45 am today and the rope was intact against Purja’s claim.

An emergency meeting of Expedition Operators Association Nepal (EOA) said there was no problem in Everest ropes and has expressed concerns over the statement for defaming Nepal’s mountaineering tourism.

We want to inform all stakeholders concerned that there is no problem at all in rope fixing and Everest expedition for the spring season has come to an end. Further, we want to request all climbers to complete their ascent with full confidence.

We appeal to the media not to disseminate and follow misinformation but to rely on official information circulated by the Expedition Monitoring and Facilitation Field Office, Department of Tourism and liaison officers. Additionally, we want to inform you all that a legal investigation will be processed against Nirmal Purja and other persons for disseminating misinformation with the intent of getting popularity.”

Nepal Tourism has issued a press release stating they will investigate the incident and all parties involved.


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