In a shocking incident captured on CCTV and now viral on social media, personnel from the Metropolitan City Police is seen stealing a bundle of winter shirts from “Jay Mata Pathibhara Traders,” a clothing shop located in Mahaboudha. The theft occurred on Saturday afternoon, around 4:20 PM, raising serious concerns about law enforcement integrity.

The video, provided to Global Nagarik, clearly depicts an officer hastily carrying a bundle of shirts out of the shop and deliberating whether to place it in the front or back of a police van before deciding on the front and driving away. The act has been widely condemned by the public and the shop’s owner, Sushila Chaulagain Gautam, who called it a daylight robbery and a severe atrocity. She emphasized that this unexpected act of theft by the city police occurred while they were inside the shop, highlighting a breach of trust and security.

The owner demands a thorough investigation and strict action against the involved officers, stressing the need for accountability within Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s law enforcement. This incident has sparked a wave of criticism and calls for justice, underscoring the importance of transparency and ethical conduct among those sworn to protect and serve, as reported by Global Nagarik.


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