NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2024 – Fusemachines Inc., an enterprise AI solutions company led by Nepali founder and CEO Dr. Sameer Maskey, is on the verge of a major milestone. The company is set to list on NASDAQ following its merger with CSLM Acquisition Corp. This landmark business combination, valued at about $200 million, is expected to be finalized by the end of Q2 2024. This information comes directly from a recent company press release.

In the release, Dr. Maskey expressed the monumental nature of this event, saying, ‘Being listed on NASDAQ is a pivotal milestone for us and a historical one for any company of Nepalese origin. Our business combination with CSLM positions us to strategically lead the way in shaping the future of democratizing AI and leaving a lasting impact across industries. The additional capital and financial flexibility from this transaction will empower improved products and fuel growth and expansion.

Dr. Maskey, who founded Fusemachines in 2013, is a prominent figure in the AI industry. An adjunct associate professor at Columbia University and a former researcher at IBM Watson Research Center, his contributions to AI are highly regarded. Under his guidance, Fusemachines has developed advanced AI products and solutions, creating a global AI talent network. The company’s clients, such as TIME and OTG, testify to its innovative AI technologies.

The transition to NASDAQ is not only a pivotal business move but also a historic moment for Fusemachines, especially as a company with roots in Nepal. Dr. Maskey shared his reflections on this significant event in a Facebook post, underscoring the importance of this step. He detailed his journey from the streets of Kathmandu to leading a cutting-edge AI company, highlighting how education and support played vital roles in his success.

This announcement from Dr. Maskey offers a deeper look into the values and motivations driving Fusemachines. It’s a story that transcends business, showcasing a journey from a modest beginning in Nepal to leading a company at the cutting edge of AI technology and education. The merger with CSLM is seen as a strategic step towards bolstering their mission to democratize AI technology across industries, with enhanced capital and financial resources for growth.

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