The inspiring journey of a 75-year-old Durge Kami in Nepal, who began his educational odyssey at 62, continues to resonate around the world. Originally reported by The Guardian in 2016, his story has since been a beacon of inspiration.

Born into a family unable to afford his education, he grew up prioritizing work and family responsibilities. Yet, his childhood dream of attending school never waned. Defying societal norms and age barriers, he took a significant step at 62, enrolling in school. His commitment to learning is exemplified by his daily routine: a dedicated two-hour round trip on foot to and from school, sitting in classrooms alongside children.

Now at 75, his story, recently highlighted by Nas Daily, has become more than a viral sensation; it’s a powerful narrative about lifelong learning and the pursuit of dreams at any age. His aspirations now include university education, demonstrating that it’s never too late to chase our dreams.

For those interested in the most viewed YouTube video about his journey, which has amassed over 12 million views in the past seven years, you can watch it here.

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