We, the following former founding members, presidents, officers, executive members, and life members of ANA wish to publicly declare that we are suspending our affiliation with the current leadership of ANA as of today. We further wish to disassociate ourselves from any activities performed by the current leadership and officers, including the proposed annual convention in Washington DC in July 2011, any election process if organized by them, any financial dealings in the name of ANA, and all other activities of the current leadership related to ANA.

We all love ANA, and for maintaining the integrity of ANA and securing its future, we have firmly decided on this disassociation
with any and all activities of the current leadership of ANA.

Furthermore, we will have a gathering and a “meeting of minds” in Colorado during the July fourth weekend of 2011. This meeting will be open to all including but not limited to life members, general members and ANA well wishers, where we will review the current problems facing us, and will brainstorm to develop strategies and plans to advance the interest of Nepali Diaspora.

Please save the dates if you wish to join us.

1. Dr. Hari Sharma, Founder Member and First President
2. Dr. Kunjar Sharma, Founder Member and Former President
3. Mrs. Carolyn Sharma, Life Member
4. Mr. Pramod Sharma, Former President
5. Mrs. Renu Sharma, Life Member
6. Ms. Amrit Tuladhar, Founding Member, Former President
7. Mr. Naveen Dutta, Former President
8. Ms. Neelam Shrestha, Former Executive Member
9. Mr. Pralhad KC, Former Executive Member and Life Member
10. Ms. Prudence KC, Life Member
11. Dr. Jeet Joshee, Former Officer & Life Member
12. Dr. Shambhu Dhungana, Executive Member and Life Member
13. Mr. Roger Adhikari, Former Officer and Life Member
14. Mrs. (Dr.) Sadhana Adhikari, Life Member
15. Mr. Anil Pathak, Former Officer and Life Member
16. Mrs. Prajna Pathak, Life member
17. Mr. Samba Pathak, junior most life member of ANA
18. Mr. Medini Adhikari, Former Officer and Life Member
19. Mrs. Anju Adhikari, Life Member.
20. Dr. Kumud Sharma, Former Officer and Life Member
21. Mrs. Bhadrika Sharma, Life Member
22. Dr. Ambika Adhikari, Former Executive Member and Life Member
23. Dr. Rameshwar Adhikari, Life Member
24. Mrs. Seema Adhikari, Life Member
25. Mr. Ananta Risal, Former Executive Member
26. Mr. Shiva Adhikari, Life Member
27. Ms. Uma K. Thapa, Life Member
28. Dr. Tulasi Joshi, Former Officer and Life Member
29. Mrs. Merilyn Joshi, Life Member
30. Mr. Mohan Timilsina, Executive Member

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