Arko Mukhaerjee’s rendition of Nepali folk song “Macchi Kadaile” will give you chills. 

Maachi Kadaile was first recorded by O.B. Saoltee in early 1970s and later by his son Diwas Gurung.


“This song is a tribute to the folk music of Nepal and the tunes of the mountains all over the world”, Arko writes in the description of this video.  The video was shot and played live in Darjeeling near the borders of India and Nepal.

Arko Mukhaerjee, a trained North Indian classical singer and an urban folk artist from Calcutta, India, has been researching on the roots of Indian and Bengali folk and contemporary music.  He has been also exploring and performing old Nepali folk songs.

The management team of Arko told Nepalisite that all songs released by Arko are in respect and love towards Nepali music on account of many years of association with common working class people of Ilam and Darjeeling from his childhood.

“This travel session is a long due respect to all Nepali speaking people across the world” says Arko.

In this version Arko has been accompanied by one of the most humble and under-rated guitar geniuses from the sub continent, Mr Koustav Dey, an amazing musician, teacher and friend to many.

Arko and his friends have also performed other popular Nepali folk songs.  Check out the videos towards the bottom of this article.

About the Song Machi Kadaile

“Machi Kadaile” was first recorded by O. B. Saoltee in early 1970s, his son Diwas Gurung told  Diwas who himself is also a popular singer, song writer have also performed the song with his father.  Check out the father son duo in the video below.

Machi Kadaile with O. B Soaltee


Diwas’s recording of Machi Kadaile

Diwas Gurung Performing Machi Kadaile Live


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