Dhulikhel is a historical town that lies about 30 kms southeast of Kathmandu, and 74 kms southwest of Kodari (Tibetan border town).  Dhulikhel was also one of the last town to be annexed to the country Nepal that was being united by Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Dhulikhel offers more than the panoramic view of the mountains.  The oldest area of the town, the southern end, is an assembly of old Newari houses, often occupied by 20 or more members of the local extended families. Their most valuable assets are the beautifully carved windows and doors, fine examples of traditional Newari craftsmanship.

The narrow streets, are typical of a medieval city inhabited for at least five centuries. The plan of the city is based on ancient Hindu planning doctrine with the position, shape, scale & dominance between buildings, temples, public squares all having their own meaning and harmony. There are organically developed compact settlements around Dhulikhel. One of such old settlements is Shreekhandpur, which lies 2 km west of the core city near the Kathmandu University, and is also a centuries-old Newari and Magar settlement. The settlement is protected by Swet Bhairav (an incarnation of Lord Shiva) and Narayan (Vishnu) deties. Gorkhanath temple also lies here. (Wikipedia)

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