Bringing the harmony and Breaking the barrier.

Kiran Nepali of “Sarangi Project”  is back again with another cover of a western classic song Imagine by John Lennon.  Kiran is on Sarangi while Aakriti Rai accompanied him on guitar.

Kiran also plays Sarangi for popular Nepali folk instrumental group “KUTUMBA” and “Bipul Chettri and The Traveling Band

“We recently started ‘Project Sarangi Covers’ where we are trying to cover English as well as other songs to bring harmony between the Western and Nepalese Folk instruments.” Kiran told  “Also to break the people’s mental barrier that the Nepalese folk instrument only play the very traditional folk tunes.”

Reviving Nepali Folk Music through Project Sarangi

Kiran believes that by doing such cover versions will inspire and motivate younger generation to start playing folk instruments.

It took about 4-5 hours to complete the video with the help of “Katha Haru” a video production company based in Kathmandu.

SARANGI: Kiran Nepali
GUITAR: Aakriti Mangpahang Rai
Video Editor: Bijaya Prajapati
Cinematographer: Kireet Rajbhandari
Director: Rocky Prajapati
Camera: Rocky Prajapati, Kireet Rajbhandari, Ishan
Sound Record/ Editor: Binaya Amatya
Video Production: Katha Haru

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Project Sarangi’s Facebook page
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Stariway to Heaven on Sarangi by Kiran Nepali and Akriti Rai.

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