Let us thank our government for giving us the best Dashain gift ever. No, we did not get free Khasi or anything else from our incompetent government. Instead, we had to pay more for everything. The day we get any freebies from Singha Durbar is the day we know that we are officially what you would call a so-called ‘developed’ nation.

Instead, we had to pay more for everything. It seems that our Nepali Rupee is not worth much these days. Someday, we might be like one of those countries where you need to take a bora of cash to the market just to buy a chicken and that too after signing up to buy one a year ago.

One day, in the future, we will know that we have made it when our government offers us tax refunds or at least give us something instead of only increasing our taxes while failing to spend most of the funds meant for so-called development projects. So far it seems that our own government really doesn’t want this land to be peaceful and prosperous because then our politicians and civil servants will stop getting chiya kharcha from service seekers.

The price of maida, sugar and nearly everything else went up before the festive season and now the food price is going up even more after Dashain. By Tihar, most of us Nepalese will be broke while our thulo mancheys will not have to worry about rising food cost because they get boras of cash from civil servants, contractors and other con artists while the value of our hard-earned Rupee won’t get you much these days.

And don’t be surprised when one Amriki dollar will get you a kilo of khasi soon. And maybe a decade later, our Rupee will be like one of those Zimbabwean dollars then and we could all be billionaires in paper or even carry around trillion Rupee notes while the value of our notes would be worthless.

Across the border, thousands of folks take to the streets to protest rising food cost but here in our land, we, the people stay silent and accept it as it is. Maybe, we could save a few Rupees on fuel if our government gave us tax rebates on electric vehicles. But no, our sarkari hakims are the ones who would rather help our byaparis than help the people, the environment and help the country to reduce its trade deficit with its chimekis.

Our Prime Monster Oli whom we thought would be our savior has turned out to be no different from the rest of the folks who got to stay in Baluwatar. And we should not blame Oli and his greatest communist government on Earth for all of our problems. Yes, Rome was not built in a day and we need to be patient but we have nothing to be optimistic about from the way our Oli sarkar has been running the show so far.

Instead of working for the people, our communist government wants to make sure that there is no dissent and we the people just shut up and put up with all the nataks our thulo mancheys dish us every now and then.

We were told that we would be getting the water from Melamchi before Dashain. It looks like we might have to wait for some time. After all, we have waited almost two decades and we can still wait some more. After all, we are Nepalese. We have been patient for the past sixty years and continue to be patient even after successive governments have exploited us for their own self interest.

It seems that we think we are better off with the new players but nobody really wants to change the system even though they talk about it before they get to power. We seem to have the worst Mayor in Kathmandu and he is not even worried about his legacy.

He just wants to ride around in a luxury vehicle and enjoy the power and chiya kharcha that comes with it. This is the guy who thinks we are better off destroying hundreds of years of our history and replacing it with coffee shops and food stalls.

Our former mayor has been accused of sexual harassment by two women but he acts like the women are to be blamed for misunderstanding his natak. It’s about time, our thulo mancheys learn to resign and even quit politics for moral reasons but in this land of ours, our chors have no morals and they continue to get away with everything.

Our Nepal Police has fired police officers involved with the Nirmala case for failing to do their job. But they will not be barred from future government service. It’s hard to believe that our police wallahs can’t figure out the case and arrest those involved because our men and women in blue are quite competent when it comes to solving crimes without adequate resources.

But we all know that those involved in the Nirmala murder case have ties with our thulo mancheys and it’s the same story with the case of the missing 33kg gold.

Our former IGP has written his story. We all know that our politicians seek bribes from civil servants for promotion and lucrative postings. His story is nothing knew but even after knowing about misuse of power and corruption from our thulo mancheys, we can do nothing about it.

It’s about time our civil servants all come clean and let us know how much they have paid to our netas so far. This is the land where politicians offer millions of dollars to then Chief Justice to look the other way. Thank God, she didn’t take the money or else

Lokman Dai would still be running the show in this land. This is the land where byaparis get to loot the consumers with the help of the government. This is the land where our own government is our own worst enemy.


This article is written by Guffadi who is a grumpy old man who blogs at guffadi.blogspot.com. You may contact him at maguffadi@gmail.com

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