Who knew that we would have an Ugandan singer who has gone viral by singing Nepali song “Phul Butte Sari” after she got stuck in Nepal due to the lockdown. Obviously, she was not meant to reach her destination Japan. Her fate was to gain fame as a singer in Nepal with her very first venture. People on the streets are recognizing Beyonce and pointing her out. Her full name is De Captain Beyoncé Famacy.

It almost sounds that she was feted to sing this song. She kept hearing it while walking on the streets, or in the restaurants and even clubs so got curious. The tune struck her so she searched for it on YouTube. She was surprised to find three versions of the song had already been released, the child, the female and the mature man. The last one was featuring Nepal’s legendary comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha. That did the trick. She was hooked and developed a yearning to sing it herself. What else would she do?

A civil engineer by profession, she has always had a natural inclination towards music. Already having the experience some songs in her own tongue, she had no doubt giving her distinct voice to this Nepali song like having a “butta” in a “saree.” It shows in her confidence and flair in front of the camera.

Most Nepalese might have been struggling with a prolonged lockdown, but Beyoncé went in search of the means to get approval to sing the song and arrange for whatever needed to be done so spent Rs. 60,000 of her own money to bring out the song out, and find fame in Nepal. Her fame most likely will gain her some economical benefits in future songs she might sing.

As she said that she was impressed by Madan Krishna Shrestha singing that song, the words seem to have reached the famed artist. He reciprocated in his Facebook status. He was all praise for her natural flair and rendition of the song. Even the clothes she chose for the song were perfectly apt to the theme of the song. “Thanks with Love Dear Beyoncé,” he said in appreciation for her love for Nepali song.

It can be imagined that he would love to meet her and chat about the song. As for Beyoncé, the song seems to be just the beginning of her entanglement with Nepal. Her brother is already a professional football player here. Beyoncé herself has now expressed her desire to find a love interest in Nepal. Just like the ending of her song walking hand in hand with her love, we all wish for her dream to come true. She would then get the credit for bringing Nepal and Uganda together in a positive way, in appreciation for each other’s culture through songs.

Beyonce might be another step in linking Nepal to African continent as other individuals have also impressed Nepali audience with their ability to speak Nepali. It would be a great benefit to develop relationship through such genuine admiration and appreciation of the efforts of such individuals. Now, do we have any Nepali who will sing African songs?

Luji from Congo Speaking fluent Nepali

Blazo from Uganda Speaking Nepali

Haitian Boy Singing Nepali


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