Lawyer Daughter sues father for her first case.

The comments poured in supporting a status by a female. She had posted her status confessing what she had just done. It was unthinkable, so people started to show their reaction. Here are some notable ones that could give you some clue. See if you can guess.

“So courageous of you!”
“Strong and brave girl, my friend Mamata Shrestha.”
“Admire your courage and will. Thank you for sharing this. I am sure this wasn’t easy. Take care!”
“Hope you and your mom get justice.. sending you love and support, stay strong.”
“Now, I just screamed out of happiness after reading this post…go on, dear, go on.. It’s high time needed to raise our voice against all odds.”

The most serious one expressed in Nepali went deeper:
“पढेको थिएँ तरवार भन्दा वढी कलममा शक्ती हुने गर्छ भनेर। समाजमा शोषकहरूले गला थिची राखीएका दवीएर वाक्य फुट्न नसकेका यस्ता धेरै आवाजहरु छन.”

In reality, no one would imagine that a girl would grow up and complete her studies in law and the first case she files is against her own father. Shocking right? Well, take a look at her post (It was posted on March 23rd,2021). Every word is worth reading.

“My first case – And its against my father
(A lawyers first case and its against her father . )
Today is my first day for Masters classes instead I am in police station of Illam . Its Chaitra 9 morning and I am filling case against my father .

Behind this picture is police station where I left a report and father with records of violent and abusive history for past 22 years and last Chaitra 7 Saturday night . Before this picture is my mother with teary eyes and bruised hands.
As a daughter when I filled for report, my hands felt scared – scared as the time when my hands were poured with hot water by my father -because I spilled some tea on carpet ! Yet powerful as the hands of seven year old Kid which tried to stop beating hands of father that were inflicted upon mummys skin .

As a just newbie lawyer, when I held onto pen to write report, my hands felt scared. Scared and dangerous as the hands of newly licensed doctor who is making way to do operation for the first time, who is allowed to grab scissors and knives alone for the first time . Yet powerful as the eyes of a kid who dreams of becoming doctor and then later treats his mummy’s disease for the first time .

Inside police station, it took me five minutes to write a single report. However it took 22 years for mummy just to – file a single report……

Today , I pray to every domestic households that are silently fighting against their abusers and who have fought against their abusers.”


My first case – And its against my father .
(A lawyers first case and its against her father . )

Today is my first day…

Posted by Mamata Shrestha on Tuesday, March 23, 2021


The Facebook Status resonated with the readers and it probably will with everyone in Nepal. There is a silent pandemic of domestic violence that has not been addressed at all for ages. Hence, children and women continue to be treated by sub-human species by males under the guise of patriarchy.

It took a brave girl like Mamata Shrestha of Ilam to bring it up on a social media and encourage her friends and the whole nation to start rethinking this issue. True, corporal punishment is the scourge of this nation. Even in schools, it would be a shock to see a teacher without a stick to beat any kid for whatever reason the teacher becomes offended for.

The culture of beating children and women in Nepal has severe consequences. Children who are brought up in such culture of violence will always be aggressive which makes the whole society more like an animal farm where the strong rules the pen. It is no wonder that when Nepalese end of settling abroad in the country like the US, the father end up in jail, as has been published in some cases.

Nepal needs to wake up immediately to this menace that is destroying our society to create some equality between the sexes and respect for children. Instead of beating the children for anything errant, why can’t we start making them as learning experiences. Only when we increase the love component can be ever build a society worth living.
As for Mamata, she was not willing to talk any more about her status. She also informed that she lost the case. However, a spark has been set out and the fire is going to burn soon if sanity does not prevail in Nepal.

Mamata gave us permission to share her story.

The writer is a graduate of Arizona State University in Political Science. He is working as a social activist and motivational speaker for students across Nepal since 2007.  He has how own blog “Strong Nepal.”

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