24 year old Ashra Kunwar was the first contestant on The Voice of Nepal to sing in English.  She performed “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin during the the 3rd episode of Blind Audition.

Click on the video below to watch her perform.  It starts at 49:49 mark.

It was expected that Abhaya Subba would turn around on her performance and she did.  Abhaya even recognized her as her own student.  Pramod and Sanup also turned around for her.

Abhaya recognizes Ashra.

Pramod was not giving up on her as well.  He told that he wanted to bring in new style and coach her.  Abhaya fired back by asking “Do you want to be an Adhunik Star or a Rockstar?”

Pramod Kharel not giving up.

Ashra was not able to make her decision right away despite that fact that Abhaya knew her by name and was her student.  Ashra instead asked the audience for their suggestion, and the audience overwhelmingly shouted “Abhaya” which led her to choose Abhaya at the end.

Audience- The Voice of Nepal
Abhaya running towards Ashra.

The Voice of Nepal is hosted by Sushil Nepal who had hosted Nepal Idol season 1.  Laxman Poudyal, the director of the show was quoted in The Wave Magazine saying that the The Voice of Nepal is the most expensive reality show in Nepal.  Poudyal said Nepal is the 193rd country to produce the world’s biggest TV reality singing show, and this is the most expensive one, too. We have invested more than Rs 12 crores just for the production requirements.


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