Tik Tok video of former Nepali princess, Himani Shah and her two daughters dancing to Sabin Rai’s song has gone viral. Eldest daughter Purnika (19) posted the video, of the three dancing to a Sabin Rai & The Elektrix’s song “Guras Ko Fed Muni” dressed in Black.  The video has garnered over 400k views (and counting) as of Tuesday afternoon. Many fans have also expressed their love and support in the comments section. One user comments “12 years of democracy. But deep down, most of us Nepalese still love the royal family a lot more than these MPs and Leaders.”


We got it from our momma!! @kriii_shah we honestly have an amazing mother. 🌺❤️

♬ original sound – purnika_shah

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The video was also shared by former crown prince, Paras Shah, on Facebook, despite the Ex Prince’s tense relationship with his wife.

Himani,43 is in Thailand visiting her daughters where the video was made. Purnika captions her video with, “We got it from our momma!!” and the younger daughter Kritika adds “we honestly have an amazing mother.”


This is Himani’s third appearance on Tik Tok with her daughters.  Younger daughter have also shared couple of dance videos including a cover version of 1974 AD’s “Nepali Ho” by Indian Idol, Prashant Tamang.


Thank you so much 1k!! Say hi to Mamu!!!

♬ Nepali Ho – Prashant Tamang


As of this writing, Purnika (@purnikarlds) has 74.5k followers on Tik Tok whereas Kritika (@kriii_shah) has 33.7k followers.


Some comments below:-

Former princess Himani and her daughters’ video goes viral on Tik Tok.


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