Even when you win, in Nepal it turns out to be a losing proposition. Not for nothing is Nepalese known for having their favorite sports of leg-pulling in all areas of life. In a continuation of such a deplorable attitude, Kiran Gajmer seems to have been targeted with malice in opposition to recent past when everyone celebrated Prashanta Tamang’s victory in Indian Idol.

He struggles as a Bhutanese refugee who had to be repatriated in the USA. He had to come all the way to Nepal to become the winner of Voice of Nepal Season 3. Why would he even bother if he did not have the love for the language and the nation of his origin? However, his achievement was undermined by the comments seen in some social media. It is nothing more than a loser attitude that seeps throughout the present Nepali culture. We are well aware of how goodness and achievements are undermined. Social activists fighting for the welfare of the nation are put under custody or framed and taken into police custody and made to defend themselves in court.

Kiran Gajmer, Winner of The Voice Of Nepal season 3.

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It is normal for any individual with any talent to seek a platform to showcase and compete to learn where they stand. It is a natural human endeavor and longing. Nepalese have gone all over the world to show their natural talent. Singers have gone to Indian Idol and reached the top 3, and Arthur Gunn even made a name for himself to come out a runner up in American Idol. Nothing unusual about them. They were applauded by most and taken as normal. Then what is the problem when Kiran Gajamer came from the US to compete in Nepal and then fulfill his dream to be the winner?
It is true that it is easy to find fault than appreciate the struggle in this age. It is the quirks of social media that everyone has a platform to express their opinion, but unfortunately, the nonsensical and vile opinions seem to find a prominent place and ruin the day for everyone. It is such a poisonous place, the social media. It is a gutter where negativity and poison flow freely and pollute everything.

Kiran Gajmer, Winner of The Voice Of Nepal season 3 with the President of Nepal, Bidya Devi Bhandari.

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It is an achievement that Kiran has settled in Nepal. The pain of having to leave Bhutan must forever be ingrained in his psyche. He has moved on and found a footing. Nepalese are looked down upon in the world because they do not know how to respect each other in the first place. If you do not respect your kind, why would anyone give the same to you? So, Nepalese should find their old self that cared for each other, for Nepalese in Sikkim, Bhutan and Burma. It is a historical tragedy that Nepalis have been divided into different nationalities. But the bond of language, culture and spirituality should have triumphed and worked to boost each other, be with each other and defend each other, and ultimately celebrate triumph of any Nepali anywhere for anything worthwhile.

It is the Nepalese abroad who have greater love for their soul because they feel the isolation and the distance from their place of birth, see the progress made by other countries and yearn for the same for Nepal. When time comes for Nepal to make a new turn, it will definitely be on the strength and ideas of those who have seen other countries and lived abroad who will play the biggest part in the much desired change. That had better start with a change in attitude to honor and respect Nepalese everywhere with our sincere gratitude.


The writer is a graduate of Arizona State University in Political Science. He is working as a social activist and motivational speaker for students across Nepal since 2007.  He has how own blog “Strong Nepal.”

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