Popular beauty vlogger Promise Tamang Phan did a Nepali Makeup Tutorial Video, for the first time, speaking in her Native Language Nepali.  As of this writing, the video has already received over 500,000 views in less than 3 days.

The video has English Subtitles

She starts the video with a short introduction of Nepal mentioning as the land of Mt. Everest and the birthplace of Buddha.

She starts the video with a short introduction of Nepal.

Known for transforming herself into different celebrities, and fictional characters, Promise made this Nepali Makeup Tutorial video dedicating it to her Nepalese viewers and followers.

“I know I have a handful of my subscribers are from my country Nepal so I wanted to do this special Nepali Traditional Makeup video speaking in Nepali language.”

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Promise, whose Nepali name is Pratigya, mentions on the video that her Nepali makeup was inspired by the model in a video of a popular folk song “Kafal Gedi Kutukkai.”  She even sings a little in the video.

Promise Tamang felt like Nepali movie Actress Bipana Thapa.

As Promise was doing her Nepali hair extensions, she says that she felt like a Nepali movie star Bipana Thapa, whom she grew up watching.

She further shares some of her favorite Nepali singers – Raju Lama, Nima Rumba and The Edge Band.

While doing the traditional makeup, she recalls her childhood memories growing up in Nepal where she used to participate in various school events including dancing.

She hopes to come up with more Nepali videos in the future and might even dance.




Promise Tamang Phan’s first ever video interview in Nepali was in 2012.








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