Birthdays are meaningful occasions that give us the opportunity to reflect, show gratitude, and most importantly, celebrate! However, in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, it can be difficult to celebrate this special day .

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Prayeen Singh, of the Nepali band, “The Vibez”, aimed to brighten up our birthdays with his personalized birthday song series. Inspired by the Birthday-Wish feature (where it lets you know when it is your friends’ birthday) on Facebook , Prayeen recorded the “birthday song” with the help of his friends Tej Binod, (lyrics), Rohit Chhetri (composer).  His band member helped him remotely with the recording .

He then created a lyrical video of the song, and selected a few of his friend’s names to be pronounced in the song. He created a video for each of the selected friends, and posted them to their Facebook wall, wishing them a happy birthday.

So far he has created 30 videos for 30 of his friends, and he is planning on continuing the series. Hope you are one of his closest friend and who knows you might be that lucky friend to get a personalized Birthday video.

You can check out the playlist down below.  Enjoy!


The Vibez on Social Media



Concept behind The Vibez’s new Music Video “BISHWAS”

Unplugged with The Vibez in 2009

Aama by The Vibez

Interview with Prayeen Singh of The Vibez in 2009



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