After a long break, Anish Okely has released a brand new single, “Timi Sarai Ramri”, just in time for Valentines Day.

As of this writing, the lyrical video of the song has been able to garner over 200k views on youtube.

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The upbeat song is all about appreciating women: from young girls to grandmas, Anish told Nepalisite..  The song was composed by Anish himself, and was recorded in Sacramento, California.

Anish who currently resides in Sacramento (California) is not a new name in the Nepali Music Industry, and has had several hits within the last 2 decades.   He told Nepalisite, that he will be releasing more songs in 2021.

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Check out some of his older popular songs below :-

Gulabi Jado

Jhyal Bata Heri

Juneli Raat

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