In a surprising move, the widely followed Nepali Facebook page “Routine of Nepal Banda” has been unpublished. The page, which had a huge following of 4 million people, is also not active on Instagram, Twitter and Threads now. Despite this, the page continues to be operational on YouTube, and TikTok.

Victor Paudel, the founder of the page, has left many puzzled with a series of cryptic posts on his personal Facebook account. His initial post read, “Going to take bold Decision,” followed by another similar post. Later he added, “अब Attack गर्नु पर्दैन…. 🙏🙏🙏 स्वार्थले खोलेको थिएन तै भएर बाल छैन… बाकि कुरा पछि गरौला!! Now I am Free.. LEAVE ME ALONE.”

While the reason behind this sudden move remains unclear, recent speculation suggests that the page has shown bias towards Balen Shah. Despite these allegations, there has been no official statement to clarify why the page is no longer available on certain platforms.

The mysterious messages by Paudel have left followers of “Routine of Nepal Banda” on other social media channels wondering what’s next for the popular page. The page is well-known for sharing daily updates, news, and trends relevant to Nepal and has amassed a large following over the years.

For now, fans and followers can still enjoy content from “Routine of Nepal Banda” on YouTube, and TikTok. The community is eager for clarification from Victor Paudel on what led to this abrupt change and what the future holds for the page.

The whole situation has sparked online discussions and theories, but until Victor Paudel or someone officially connected to the page steps forward to shed light on the situation, all we can do is wait and speculate.

Despite being absent on some platforms, the influence of “Routine of Nepal Banda” is still strong where it remains active. Whether or not the page will make a return to Facebook and Instagram is a burning question, only time will tell.

As of now, there is a mix of confusion and anticipation among the page’s large community, who are keenly waiting for an official update.

Founded in 2011 by Victor Paudel, the page was initially a public service. Tired of the frequent bandas disrupting daily life in Nepal, Victor started the page with a straightforward aim: to inform people about these strikes to minimize their inconvenience. Over the years, the page expanded its scope, offering updates, trends, and news relevant to Nepal.

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