Bipana Basnet aka Nakkali Hisila, wife of veteran artist Deepak Chettri is very appreciative for the fundraising effort initiated by directer Suresh Darpan. Several Nepali artists residing in USA have donated towards the treatment of veteran artist Dipak Chettri. According to the press release by Suresh Darpan, as of April 16th, over $9,000 have been raised out of which $5406 were donated by Nepalese artists in USA via GoFundMe. Money raised will be handed over in two installments, where first installment of Nrs 5 lakhs have been handed over to actor Dipak Chhetri, and his wife Bipana Basnet on April 16th by actress Pooka Chand Lama. Other groups/websites have also raised money for his treatment, besides Nepalese artists living in the USA.

*******Click here to Donate via GoFundMe*********

Originally from Darjeeling, Dipak Chhetri have been involved in Nepali movies and theaters for around 30 years.

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