In an effort to encourage, engage and empower women, 3E Entertainment has partnered with local community groups, to organize one of the thrilling event–Women in Concert US tour 2017 from Oct 7- Oct 29 , 2017.  Nepal’s rock band Abhaya and the Steam Injuns will be the headliners.  Popular singer Astha Raut and Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi will also entertain the crowd along with local artists.  This is also the first US tour for Abhaya And The Steam Injuns.

The main purpose of this tour is to engage, encourage, empower and provide platform to Women in Nepali community.

Part of the proceeds will go to ADHIKAAR, a New-York based non-profit organization, which has been working with Nepali speaking community to promote human rights and social justice for all And SOARWAY foundation, which has helped and is working with many women empowerment organizations in Nepal.

Women in Concert USA 2017 (Facebook page)

Tour Dates

  • Oct 7th – Cincinnati
  • Oct 8th – St. Loius
  • Oct 15th – Atlanta
  • Oct 17th – Boston
  • Oct 22nd – Baltimore
  • Oct 27th – Dallas
  • Oct 29th – Oklahoma City



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