Fueled by President Trump’s recent loss of the election, angry rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday afternoon, shocking not only the Americans, but the rest of the world as well.

Global media outlets quickly responded to these brash images of Trump-supporting mobs violently charging into one of the most prominent federal buildings in the U.S, the Capitol.

Naturally, Nepalese news websites were no exception; let’s have a look at their coverage of these unprecedented scenes from Washington:

“हतियार लिएर ट्रम्पका समर्थक संसद् भवनमा घुसेपछि अमेरिकामा हिंसा, डीसीमा कर्फ्यु।” Violence in America after Armed Trump Supporters Invade the Capitol HIll; DC Under Curfew (baahrakhari.com)

“अमेरिकमा ट्रम्प समर्थकको हिंसाः अहिलेसम्म चार जनाको मृत्यु ।” Violence by Trump Supporters in US: Four killed so far.(Himalkhabar.com)

अमेरिकामा ट्रम्प समर्थकद्वारा संसद् भवनमा हंगामा, १ को मृत्यु, १३ पक्राउ। “Trump Supports Riot in the Capitol Hill, One Dead, 13 Arrested.” (DCNepal.com)

बाइडेनको जीतको घोषणा अघि ट्रम्प समर्थकको हिंस्रक प्रदर्शनः गोली लाग्दा महिलाको मृत्यु, वासिङ्टनमा कर्फ्यू। Violent protests by Trump supporters ahead of Biden’s victory announcement: Woman shot dead, Washington Under Curfew. (Ratopati.com)

“ट्रम्पको उक्साहटमा अमेरिकामा हिंसा, एक महिलाको मृत्यु, वाशिङ्टनमा कर्फ्यु।” Trump Incites Violence in the US, One woman dead, Washington under curfew. (Onlinekhabar.com)

“अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति ट्रम्पका समर्थकले मच्चाए हिंसा, वासिङ्टनमा कर्फ्यु।” President Trump Supporters Wage Violence, curfew in Washington. (Ekantipur.com)


“अमेरिकी संसदमा ट्रम्प समर्थकको तोडफोड, गोली लागेर एक महिलाको मृत्यु।” Trump supporters vandalize the US Congress, A Woman dies from Gun Shot. (Setopati.com)

“अमेरिकामा ट्रम्प समर्थकद्वारा संसद् भवनमा प्रदर्शन, केही प्रदर्शनकारी पक्राउ।” Trump supporters protest in the United States, some protesters arrested. (Newsofnepal.com / samacharpatra)

“अमेरिकामा ट्रम्प समर्थकद्वारा संसदमै आक्रमण: एकको मृत्यु, वासिङ्टनमा कर्फ्यू ।” Trump Loyalists attack US Congress: One Killed, Washington under curfew. (Nagarik)


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