Americans may be having some respite from the aggressive political climate of the past four years and the constant deluge of lies from a group of politicians with no morals, but in Nepal, we have a crescendo of chaos building up and the lies are building into a tower that might reach the heavens. Today Magh 23 (Feb 5th) was promised to be the example for Nepalese to finally understand what a true “julus” should be like. And the day finally arrived, after yesterday’s nationwide closedown of traffic and shops. The pain quotient in Nepal is growing.

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Just like Trump, we have a counterpart in Nepal. Even the talk and theme are similar. Today is claimed to be the biggest ever crowd in the history of Nepal’s demonstration. The narcissism factor of Nepal’s PM seems to be increasing to match that of Trump. It is paralleling the speeches of Trump when you listen to Oli. Now, Nepal has become heaven if you listened to his speech today.

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It is not even hard to see that there is not a single politician that is showing any intelligence or capability to handle the challenge of the modern age. I wonder if there has been anything like this in the history of the world where the ruling party has split and then are spilling their animosity on the streets. There has been no politician who has understood or worked for Nepal or Nepalese people, except for King Mahendra. He understood then the futility of democracy and the leaders who claimed legitimacy from that system. He was able to save the country from destruction back then, but now there is no Mahendra.

Nepali Pm KP Oli’s supporters during general strike, in Durbarmargh, Kathmandu. Photo: Yogendra Bhujel

It is a bizarre world we are living in at the moment. There is supposed to be a third people’s movement, and it is not being staged by the people they are attributing it to. It is the rulers who are actually on the street, not the people. How absurd can the situation be? Once Nepal was proposed to be a zone of peace and was nicknamed as the land of the messenger of peace, the Buddha. Now, peace has permanently left Nepal since the democracy made its advent.

Nepali Pm KP Oli’s supporters during general strike, in Durbarmargh, Kathmandu. Photo: Yogendra Bhujel

Democracy has been a system to make tall claims. There is no one going hungry now, did you hear? And there are no street children, either. Corona has been defeated and now the East-West train service will soon start. It is painful to listen to the out of touch megalomaniac politicians.

It has become very convenient for political parties to work these days. Everything thing that is wrong is the fault of other parties. Yesterday, there was a taxi that was set on fire allegedly by a student from Tri Chandra College. For that incident, the two factions are blaming each other. So now it is so easy to portray oneself as the messiah of the people, while the rest of the politicians are perpetrators of violence, unrest, and undemocratic agenda.

Pm Kp Oli arriving during General Strike in Kathmandu, Nepal. Photo : Sanjit Pariyar.

What good are they if they manage to write expensive Constitutions, claimed to be the best in the world, and then not able to make it work?

The only consistent thing in Nepal is duping the people in thousands of ways by thousands of politicians. Yes, the people, I mean the sheeple, have no clue and live in fantasy land. I got an important insight today though. I had filled in a form to find out what category of the empath I belonged to and learned that I was a sorcerer.

PM Kp Oli Addressing the supporters. Photo: Yogendra Bhujel.

The webinar that followed had an interesting insight for me. It appears that the number of empaths is increasing from less than two percent to around 15 percent now and they are here to help the world. But none of them are in the influential position as role models. It was revealed that in this day and age, it is the people who speak the loudest that get the sheeple’s attention. It is true.

KP Oli Balloon and poster board. Photo : Sanjit Pariyar.

It is not the quality that matters in this era. It is the number of followers, subscribers, comments, and likes. This is the day of the cyber patrol and social media units. This seems just right because in this country even the lawyers and legal professionals are plain stupid egotistical people, who have no concern for the country or have an understanding of the importance of time. That is why there are hundreds of lawyers lined up to make their arguments in the Supreme Court. If they had an iota of grey matter in their skulls, they would have come together to wrap up this matter within a month. They would have gotten together and discussed how to make a succinct argument and get the decision on the undemocratic, unconstitutional move by the Supreme Court and then help the country move forward. But no.

KP Oli Supporters. Photo : Sanjit Pariyar.

Now, the rhetoric is turning violent and as time goes, the rhetoric will turn into live-action confrontation and killings. The saddest part for all sheeple is that no alternative will get Nepal out of the deep division that has been dug. Thanks to the best Constitution in the world. I mean, the worst fraud against Mother Nepal.


The writer is a graduate of Arizona State University in Political Science. He is working as a social activist and motivational speaker for students across Nepal since 2007.  He also blogs at Strong Blog.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necesarily reflect the official policy or position of Nepalisite.

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