Upendra Devkota knew the end was near. He returned from London after doctors at the King’s College Hospital where he was being treated for five months gave up hope of curing his cancer of the bile duct.

He said he wanted to die in his own motherland, and he touched the tarmac with his forehead after landing in Kathmandu airport in April to pay respect to the Nepali ground. He showed signs of improvement after being admitted to his own Neuro Hospital in Bansbari.

“I returned because I wanted to live my last in my country among my friends,” he said.

However, the cancer proved too powerful, and even Devkota’s iron will could not battle it. He asked one last time two weeks ago to be taken to his parents’ village in Gorkha to drink water from the spring next to the house where he was born.  Read more at NepaliTimes.

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