Everyone has a dream in life they want to pursue but the dedication to turn that dream into a reality is not present in everyone. On Tuesday, the 18 year old Pratima Sherpa got the golden chance to meet her idol Tiger Woods for some private lessons. She is a teenage golf sensation from Nepal.

Pratima has the dream to become the best golfer in the world and to represent her country around the world. It seems like her prayers have been heard because now she will get the recognition that will help her reach the stars.

Journey from Nepal to Florida

In the beginning it was not easy for Pratima to be recognized and play like the other players in town. She was raised in the shed by her parents who made merely $19 monthly by serving the Royal Nepal Golf Club. She had the passion to play. Her cottage was near the Golf Club and she took advantage of it and trained as much as she could.

  • With the help of ESPN and Tiger Woods foundation they were able to raise enough funds to assure that Pratima will visit America.
  • Tiger Woods first wrote a letter to the Royal Nepal Golf Club about recognizing Pratima and giving her the training that she deserves.
  • When the experts at the golf club saw that she actually has the talent to become the best they started giving her lessons to assure that she can represent her country.
  • On the other hand, in America fundraiser was organized for Pratima and her story was revealed by making a short documentary on her.

Private lessons from Tiger Woods
She had an opportunity to meet her hero/idol Tiger Woods, who gave her 30 minute private lesson before the “meet and greats ” and here is what he said about her on his twitter.

Inspiring day working with my @TGRFound team and meeting Pratima Sherpa, an amazing young woman from Nepal. We can all learn from her perseverance, hard work and determination.

He was impressed by the determination and hard of this young talent. He hopes that he will get the chance to give her more lessons so that she can get the success that she deserves.

Documentary on Pratima Sherpa
Future has more for her

Instead of spending her time exploring America, Pratima assured that she will spend most of the time with the golf legend Tiger Woods and in the golf clubs where she can get the chance to learn some new skills from the experts. It is clear that in the near future she will become the female golf legend of Nepal.

Please support her by visiting TeamPratima.com

Pratima Gets 30 minute Private Lesson from her idol Tiger Woods

18 year Old Nepali Golfer Pratima presents a hat as a gift to her idol Tiger Woods

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