• Arthur Gunn along with 9 other finalists from season 18 will perform on April 19th
  • One of them will be selected after voting, and will advance to season 19’s top 10
  • Arthur Gunn will perform “Iris” by Go Go Dolls
  • Voting starts on April 19th until 6 am EST April 26th
  • Voting process is same as previous years

The American Idol’s 19th season is underway, but with a new twist. The contestants who missed out on the live stage performance last year due to Covid-19 restrictions now have their undreamed of opportunity to perform on the live stage for real and one of them will join the Top 10 finalist for this season. What a way to reinforce the “second chance” reputation!


That’s right. On April 19, the 10 final contestants from season 18 will get a chance to perform on the Idol stage at Television City. Among the 10 performing, last year’s most recognized face will be Arthur Gunn, a new immigrant from Nepal who resides in Kansas. The most favorite to win last year, Arthur is bestowed with a second chance to bring his amazing talent to his audience. It is justice in every sense of the world. Arthur and the audience both deserve this experience and probably set right all that did not go well last year.

Arthur Gunn Performs “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls (Vote)

According to Billboard, Just Sam, will not return since she had already won the title of American Idol 2020.  “Two other top 10 finalists, Dillon James and Francisco Martin, have signed with record labels and so they weren’t eligible to compete again.”

The audience voting will continue till April 26, 6 a.m. Monday ET.  When the corona pandemic put a stop to the stage competition, all the contestants had to return home and compete in a unique way. They had to manage to do their own production and compete virtually. That took a lot out of the contest. That real stage feel was missing. That is why the organizers felt that the Season 18 contestants did not have it fair. They deserved the chance to perform in front of an audience on the stage. Now, the twist in this season is creating a big buzz. It is sparking a renewed interest on Season 18 favorites. Arthur Gunn has managed to be in the headlines once again.

So, get ready to be thrilled again and support your favorite singers from 2020. Such an opportunity will not come again. As for the disappointed Arthur fan and Arthur himself, may the rendition of “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls win him a place to join the top nine finalists from this year.  Wouldn’t that set enthralling rounds for this year’s contest? You bet, Arthur is up for it.

How to Vote for Arthur Gunn in American Idol 2021?

There are 3 voting methods for American Idol and you can vote up to 10 times on each of the three methods.  All together every person can vote 30 times.

* Vote online at http://www.AmericanIdol.com/vote
* Download and vote on the American Idol app (Google Play or Apple App Store)
* Vote by texting “C6” to 21523.

You have to be located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on ABC.com or in the American Idol app.

To know exactly when voting open, follow American Idol’s Twitter account for real time alerts.

Voting Rules and more Details at https://idolvote.abc.com/#faq
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Arthur Gunn on Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arthur_gunn/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arthurgunn122/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArthurGunn122

Listen to his music on


21 year old, Dibesh chose a stage name that is also symbolic of the power of an English name, given that the land he calls home now would find it easier to relate to him by his adopted stage name of Arthur Gunn. He is making many people proud, and social media has been one of the bright spots in highlighting overlooked talents. Dibesh has now become a pride of Nepal, his homeland, and Wichita, Kansas, his adopted home since five years ago. Idol Chatter has provided some basic background information on the budding star. He had migrated after completing his school leaving certificate exam. Although not from a musical family, he was gifted a guitar by his mom as a child and was exposed to music in his environment. After a long gap, he took up music again a year before he left for the land of opportunities. It was in Kansas, he was introduced to country and blue grass music, which he has embraced in his singing. Dibesh is definitely on a new track of his life. His name recognition has leap-frogged and his talent is in the world sight.


The writer is a graduate of Arizona State University in Political Science. He is working as a social activist and motivational speaker for students across Nepal since 2007.  He has how own blog “Strong Nepal.”

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