Arthur Gunn provokes a fluid and calming tone in his new single, “Jalai Mai”. The fusion of traditional Nepali instruments, such as the Sarangi, along with a nostalgic American bluegrass sound, truly captures the essence of who Arthur Gunn (Dibesh Pokharel) really is.

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The deep lyrics, accentuated by the various instrumental elements, also captivate the listener. There is a feeling of home, comfort, and most importantly, Nepal embedded in these instrumentals. “Jalai Mai” is of great contrast to his previous work, which sounded more raw, uncut, and unprofessional.

The crisp sound to this song is most accredited to Diwas Gurung, an accomplished musician, and the producer of the song.  This single is a step in the right direction for Arthur Gunn, as he discovers his self-identity, and paves his way into the music industry.

” ‘Jalai Mai‘” was written to express the empathy about the life in general”, Arthur wrote on Instagram.  “It speaks about how the time is passing, meanwhile the life is happening. It is about the characters who dwell in Places&People and keep them as a part of life. So, the story is about the process of reminiscing such experiences, moments and memories.”


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Following the release of his new single many fans expressed their excitement on various social media platforms and here are few of their postings :-

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