By Om Tat Sat,

Arthur Gunn, aka Dibesh Pokharel advanced to the Top 10 on American Idol.  His fans and supporters from around the globe are abuzz with his official Instagram page buzzing with pleasure. He showed his appreciation for all his support by posting:

“appreciate this massive support from all around the world. Thank you for voting!!!To be standing here and having your open ears towards me, it’s beyond any dreams. I have seen a lot of best musicians, artist, playing out in the streets, empty halls with few ears, and so on. I feel blessed for being able to sing for you all and have my voice heard. I’m excited to get on the road one of these days to perform and have good times with you all.
With respect and love,
Dibesh Pokharel (Arthur Gunn).”

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His performance of John Denver, all time classic song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was praised by the judges for his reggae twist and owning it. This is a song every Nepali abroad can relate to most dearly as in their mind and heart their country roads takes them to the Himalayas, their mountain Mama. His connection with the song and his native land was apparent in his rendering.

All his performances have received great feedback and appreciation from the judges. He has been deemed the true American dream for getting into the show. However, he has a long journey ahead of him in his bid to be Americanized. It will not be easy for him. For instance, when his name was announced, he just disconnected with the audience by turning his back and looking away from the camera. So, connecting with the audience, like Katy Perry has reminded him time and again should be one of his fast lessons to learn. It would be a tough road ahead for him if he relies only on the Nepali Diasporas in the US to vote for him. No doubt, they will be keeping his as their first preference and will vote 30 times if needed. The question will be how many hearts apart from his native people can he touch. It might be interesting to see if he can connect with the South Asian youth. It is worth a try.

Read: Dibesh to Arthur Gunn: Can He Live Up To The Expectation?

Dibesh now has to contend with 10 other singers that have qualified, including the 11th singer chosen by the judges to prevent her departure. The group probably has been designed such that there are six males and five females. Definitely glamour is one of the considerations of shows like this. He could probably keep up with the new look for each performance. He has been doing that for his own good, and in all likelihood, he could even reach out to other immigrants by recognizing their special festival or cultural days. All we know now is that his journey continues, but his competition will get much tougher, as it should. The victory at the end will be that much sweeter, even if he reaches the finalist round.

Let’s wish him the best and support him by enlisting our friends and families.

How to Vote for Arthur Gunn in American Idol 2020

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Top 7 will be revealed on May 10th EST (US time).  After the Top 7 performs Disney songs, voting will start during the show for Top 5 whose result will be announced on May 17th.

How to Vote? 

Voting will open on May 10th (US Time) for Top 5.

There are 3 voting methods for American Idol and you can vote up to 10 times on each of the three methods.

All together every person can vote 30 times.

* Vote online at
* Download and vote on the American Idol app (Google Play or Apple App Store)
* Vote by texting the contestant number ’16” to 21523

You have to be located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app.

Voting Rules and more Details at

American Idol App
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How to Vote for Arthur Gunn? Voting Rules at

Arthur Gunn on Social Media

Arthur Gunn ( Debesh Pokharel) OFFICIAL Fan Club. AMERICAN IDOL

Arthur Gunn’s (Dibesh) Nepali songs…

21 year old, Dibesh chose a stage name that is also symbolic of the power of an English name, given that the land he calls home now would find it easier to relate to him by his adopted stage name of Arthur Gunn. He is making many people proud, and social media has been one of the bright spots in highlighting overlooked talents. Dibesh has now become a pride of Nepal, his homeland, and Wichita, Kansas, his adopted home since five years ago. Idol Chatter has provided some basic background information on the budding star. He had migrated after completing his school leaving certificate exam. Although not from a musical family, he was gifted a guitar by his mom as a child and was exposed to music in his environment. After a long gap, he took up music again a year before he left for the land of opportunities. It was in Kansas, he was introduced to country and blue grass music, which he has embraced in his singing. Dibesh is definitely on a new track of his life. His name recognition has leap-frogged and his talent is in the world sight.


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