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Even in the darkest night, there is always a star in the sky. For Nepalese it is nothing less than a dark night, whether home or in homes far away. Amidst the worldwide gloom that also besets Nepal,  a single ray of good news comes from the shining city in the hill. Arthur Gunn, a native of Nepal participating in the American Idol’s 18th season has reached the final after qualifying for the top 7 singers.

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Fans around the world have gleefully supported Dibesh who connects with his smart stage name Arthur Gunn.  Recent news in Nepal stated that people in his neighborhood of Kalanki, Kathmandu were carrying signs for people to vote for him. Even if you cannot vote, you surely can discuss in his fan page, other social media venues and urge or campaign in digital stage for him.

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However, let us not miss the point that he is already a winner.  We all tend to think that winning the title would make him a winner. Not true. He has been a winner all the way. Going to America is one of the highest dream for a Nepali. He is already there so that dream has been fulfilled. He has managed to be with his family in Wichita, Kansas so he is not struggling alone. He has family support.  That is being a winner in any Nepali’s dream who feel success is going abroad. 

It was absolutely amazing moment in my life to be singing for my beloved mother and all of you amazing people. Thanks to @americanidol for this grand opportunity. I feel happy that i got to play, “Hey Ma” by Bon Iver. Thank you all of you for voting me through this. I appreciate all of the time you have spent, the energy you have spent, i’m grateful for all of that. It has been a quite a journey, Meanwhile, it is the start of something new. I am all smiles to see all of your loving and kindly words. Once again, Thank you all for voting me for the spot on the Top 7. Peace and Love!!! With respect,Dibesh Pokharel (Arthur Gunn)

Posted by Arthur Gunn on Monday, May 11, 2020

Secondly, he has been clever in having a stage name of Arthur Gunn. That connects with the American audience more than his Nepali name, although Katy Perry was pretty shrewd in noticing that it seems pretty close to “D best.” When he qualified for the top 7, he had received more than a million votes. That is pretty astounding. That is already his market and the name recognition that he has generated by his unique voice, style and a true American dream story, judges and fans are inspired by his presence. 

So,  if Arthur wins the title, he will surely get the prize money. That is never a bad thing. He will be known as the American Idol winner for all his life. From the past Idol winners, the first nine winner are reported to have taken home recording deal and more than $1 million. That will be huge for Arthur, something he probably never even dreamed about.  If he is a runner up, there is also a cash reward. 

Kelsey McKinney looked at the first seven American Idol winners and concluded in her article for Splinter: “American Idol produced a couple of bonafide superstars. Kelly Clarkson, the show’s first winner, remains a successful commercial artist 15 years later. Carrie Underwood, the fourth season’s champ, is equally as powerful. Underwood shared that season with Jennifer Hudson, who went on to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2006.”

He is a unique story so people are connecting with him and supporting with their votes. He is bound to be a good story. Even the American Idol has him prominently placed during this season’s campaign. Even if Arthur does not win or be a runner up, he has achieved more than he expected. He has benefited tremendously and expressed his gratitude to all of people who voted for him. He admitted how much he has learned from the crew and the judges. He has managed to overcome his shyness and transform himself as a public figure. 

Commenting on his official fan page in Facebook, Royden Irvine commented: “His talent is universal – a mix of his background AND the influence of Bluegrass and American Country. It’s this mix that makes him unique.”

No one can deny that Arthur has captured the imagination of many. Irvine himself is from Australia whose words are touching: “I’m from Australia and I’m an 80 yr old male who has been captured by Dimesh’s journey. His ability to keep his Nepalese roots and enmesh them with the American ethos is what’s making him so special. He’s brought me to tears …. NO other singer has ever done that to me.”

If that is the case, then even if he does not win and get the record deals, he can launch his own with other recording companies and then cater to his fan base. He already has done that in Nepal. This time he will be touching the sky.

The writer is a graduate of Arizona State University in Political Science. He is working as a social activist and motivational speaker for students across Nepal since 2007.

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How to vote for Arthur Gunn?

Grand finale of American Idol will be on May 17th.  Results of Top 5 will be announced on the same evening and live voting will start following their performances.

There are 3 voting methods for American Idol and you can vote up to 10 times on each of the three methods.

All together every person can vote 30 times.

* Vote online at
* Download and vote on the American Idol app (Google Play or Apple App Store)
* Vote by texting the contestant number ’16” to 21523

You have to be located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app.

Voting Rules and more Details at

American Idol App
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How to Vote for Arthur Gunn? Voting Rules at

Arthur Gunn on Social Media

Arthur Gunn ( Debesh Pokharel) OFFICIAL Fan Club. AMERICAN IDOL

Arthur Gunn’s (Dibesh) Nepali songs…

21 year old, Dibesh chose a stage name that is also symbolic of the power of an English name, given that the land he calls home now would find it easier to relate to him by his adopted stage name of Arthur Gunn. He is making many people proud, and social media has been one of the bright spots in highlighting overlooked talents. Dibesh has now become a pride of Nepal, his homeland, and Wichita, Kansas, his adopted home since five years ago. Idol Chatter has provided some basic background information on the budding star. He had migrated after completing his school leaving certificate exam. Although not from a musical family, he was gifted a guitar by his mom as a child and was exposed to music in his environment. After a long gap, he took up music again a year before he left for the land of opportunities. It was in Kansas, he was introduced to country and blue grass music, which he has embraced in his singing. Dibesh is definitely on a new track of his life. His name recognition has leap-frogged and his talent is in the world sight.

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