The beautiful tradition of wearing “Bulaki” is slowly fading away, but Rashik of Stock Photography Nepal did manage to go to Far-Western Region of Nepal (Doti, Accham, Dailekh, Bajura) where women are still following the tradition of wearing BULAKI, and captured some of the incredible pictures in hopes of keeping this tradition alive.

Bulaki is a gold ornament that hands below a hole pierced through the septum until the lower lip.

It’s a culture of women from Limbu, Magar and Thami communities to wear Bulaki after they got married.

The size, shape and design may differ according to the diversity of the place and people.

In some ethnic groups, the Bulaki is placed into the mouth of a deceased women to help expedite the soul’s salvation process. It’s believed that Bulaki helps women to attain MUKTI.

All photos by Rashik.  Please check out his work at Stock Photography Nepal.

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