Nepal was part of India and got separated from India in 1903 says Adipurush dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir in an interview on Aajtak (Indian National TV).

In an interview, he mentioned that Nepal separated from India in either 1903 or 1904. As a result, Nepal was considered a part of India. He also expressed his confusion over the objection raised by Nepalese claiming that Sita is India’s daughter.

He said the following in Hindi:-
अगर हम भारत कि बेटी कह रहे हैं हम सीता को
तो नेपाल कौन सा भारत से अलग था
१९०३ या १९०४ के बात हे जब नेपाल भारत से अलग हुआ हे
भारत यी था नेपाल
भारत कि बेटी थि उस हिसाब ते सो
नेपालियो को ऐतराज मे समज नै पा रही हु

And in response, Balen Shah took to Social media and said that he will ban all Indian/Hindi Movies in Kathmandu unless the dialogue is corrected.

Nepal was never part of India. It has always been an independent country. Sita was born in Janakpur, NEPAL.


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