Le’Ridge Stereo’s brand new single, “Sahas”, is truly one of a kind. The singer, songwriter, and DJ, evidently has a passion for making and listening to music, and the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed Le’Ridge to further this interest. This extra time also gave him a chance to chase his childhood dreams and start making music.

“Sahas” by Le’Ridge Stereo featuring Rebecca

Le’Ridge, whose birth name is Piyush Shakya, grew up in Nepal, mostly listening to music from the ’80s and ’90s. He recalls memories from his childhood in which he spent time listening to music with his uncle and sister, as they had a large collection of albums. These fond memories sparked Le’Ridge’s interest in making music from a young age.

“Sahas” also features Rebecca Shrestha or REBECCA as her stage name. In addition to being a singer and songwriter, her film-making skills were useful in the music video production of the song. After hearing her beautiful singing voice, and bonding with her over their shared birthplace of Nepal, Le’Ridge knew that he wanted to collaborate with her. So, he took the initiative, and with the extra time from the pandemic, they created an inspiring new song that encourages listeners to persist through the hardships of life, and “enjoy the ride”.

“Sahas” was produced, mixed and Mastered by Diwas Gurung.

Le’Ridge Stereo – Another Sun (Official Lyric Video) ft. Rebecca

How did you come up with the name Le’Ridge?

“I’ve used linardridge as a pen name since the 90s to write poems back in the days. I don’t exactly remember why I chose that name, but probably because I used to find the name Lynard Skynard a pretty cool band name. ‘Ridge’ connects with my spiritual nature. Only when you are at the top of a ridge, you are able to see the wonders of the world and find peace. I wanted to climb the ridge of life is what I relate it to. I started using “Ridge” as my alias with most friends and especially for my DJ stage name for few years. Since I have a new gig now, I wanted to go with Le’Ridge (Le as a short form for “linard”, but at the same time used as “the” in french), but the name was already taken by another Canadian singer. I didn’t want to spoil his gig there, so thought it made more sense to go with Le’Ridge Stereo, since I plan to collaborate with other talents for the love of music and make it more of an “experience” than about the “artist”. I’ve always had a thing for the classics, and when it comes to music, it’s the Stereo that delivers the sound; and so the stereo goes Boom!”


Eagle Eye Cherry, Hozier, Eddie Vedder, David Gray, 3 doors down, Ian Flannigan, Mr. Fijiwiji, Ben Howard, Nina Simone, Cesario Evora, Kaleo, Roberta Flack, Ben Harper, Bliss N Eso, Godsmack, Pantera, Tash Sultana, Robin N Looza, Dub FX, Maneskin, Odesza, Kygo, Fort Minor, Metallica.

Piyush was also announced as the week 41 winner of the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting competition for a song called “World We Live in.” He plans to release it next year. He is still competing for Session II.

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Rebecca’s Influences/Inspirations:

HER, Alicia Keys, Sabrina Claudio, Beyonce, Whitney Housten, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie wonder, Ariana Grande

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