Popular Nepali Rock Band 1974 AD released their 10th album, “Nirantarata” on Youtube on Nov 8th.  The release of the full album comes a day after their album launch at Prive’ Nepal.

New Album, Nirantarata by 1974 AD.

Album will be available on other platforms including iTunes, and Spotify, Phiroj Syangden (Vocalist/Guitarist) told Nepalisite.com.  “This is the just the beginning”, he said.

The new album consists of 7 songs including one instrumental by former member Manose Singh.

Click on the video below to listen to the songs


Song List:

1. Manche Ko Jeewan
Vocals: Phiroj Shyangden & Adrian Pradhan
Composition/ Lyrics : Phiroj Shyangden

2. Maya Bisaune
Vocals/Composition/ Lyrics : Phiroj Shyangden

3. Yo Jindagi
Vocals: Adrian Pradhan
Composition/ Lyrics : Nirakar Yakthumba

4. SapanaKo
Lyrics/Vocals: Phiroj Shyangden
Composition : Nirakar Yakthumba & Phiroj Shyangden

5. Jiuna Deu
Composition : Manoj Kumar KC & Adrian Pradhan
Vocals/Lyrics: Adrian Pradhan

6. Bliss (Instrumental)
Composition : Manose Singh

7. SaaniKo
Vocals/Composition/ Lyrics : Phiroj Shyangden

1974AD, had just reunited after almost 7 years of hiatus.  The band kicked off their reunion tour on Spet 27th, as they took to the stage for their first performance in almost 7 years, in Kathmandu’s Lord of The Drinks.

The announcement for the reunion that many fans had been hoping for, was made during a live event on, July 8th, 2019.

The band will be performing live in Kirtipur on Nov 9th with Rohit John Chhetri and Kutumba.

1974 AD Concert in Kirtipur.

Here are some of the videos of their performance during the album launch at Club Prive’ Nepal.

“Yo Maan Ta Mero Nepali Ho” 



Gurans Fulyo



Dherai Dherai Aaucha Maan Ma


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