Popular Nepali Rock band Albatross is kicking off their 2019 US tour in New York City on Oct 4th.  The band will be part of Rock Manch III in New York.

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The band will be performing in 12 cities promoting their 4th and new album “Raat Ko Raani”, Nischal, the band manager told Nepalisite.com.  The band will also be performing for the first time in Akron (Ohio), Baltimore (MD), and Los Angelese (CA).

The US tour runs through a Oct 20th show in Austin, Texas.

Check out their event page on Facebook for further details.


Music video of  “Bachau” from their latest album “Raat ko Rani.”

Albatross was formed in 1998 and have produced three albums prior to “Raat Ko Rani”, and they are “Jo Jas Sanga Sambhandhit Cha”, “Atti Bhayo”,  and “Ma Ra Malai.  Some of their hits includes Nischal, Ma Ra MalaiKhaseko Tara, and Timi Bhane.


Kaha Janchau  – ALBATROSS feat. UNIQ POET


Tour Dates: (Check out their event page on Facebook for further details)

  • Oct 4th – New York City
  • Oct 5th – Baltimore, MD
  • Oct 6th – Boston, MA
  • Oct 10th – Omaha, NE
  • Oct 11th – Des Moines, IA
  • Oct 12th – Chicago, IL
  • Oct 13th – Akron, Oh
  • Oct 16th – Mankato, MN
  • Oct 17th – Los Angeles, CA
  • Oct 18th – Oakland, CA
  • Oct 19th – Dallas, TX
  • Oct 20th – Austin, TX

Jo Jas Sanga Sambhandhit Cha


Atti Bhayo

Ma Ra Malai


Nischal by Albatross

Timi Bhane by Albatross

US TOUR 2016

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