Creativity Sparks Are Flying As Nepalese Musicians Respond To COVID-19 by Favorite Riff Challenge

As the COVID-19 outbreak is gripping the world and people all over the world confined to the perimeter of their domicile are feeling suffocated, they are forced to come up with their own creative ways to pass the time while mulling over the sanctity or absurdity of life. 

Nepalese, affected by the lockdown virus, are turning out to be no less creative in killing the boredom.  In his Instagram story, Ridesh Pakhrin Tamang, an avid guitarist, started a challenge to play their favorite “Metal” riff (Riff is a repeated chord progression or refrain in music) to musicians. It was then picked up by Sharad Shrestha and Dipesh Shrestha to spread the challenge in facebook. While playing their riff, the musicians are called to tag their friends. The message that is given is simple, “This is all about bringing musicians together and having a good time during quarantine and trust me it’s super fun,” Ridesh told  The only rule is that the riff should be restricted to the length of 1-1:30 minute. The challenge is being shared and naturally their talent is being used to entertain themselves and their circle of friends in this time of distress and uncertainty.

Ridesh Pakhrin Tamang

This challenge is said to be inspired by the photo challenge that is ongoing. When contacted by this site, “My basic idea was to make more and more musicians pick up their instrument and start playing during the lockdown caused by corona virus. There’s no winning prize or title in this challenge, it’s all about sharing the positivity and making more and more people aware about the current situation alongside motivating them to play more and make their own music,” Ridesh told Nepalisite.

So folks, get your creative juices flowing. Pick up anything close to you and start a challenge to see what great feats of entertainment you are release on to the world to defeat the COVID-19 in your own way. And all you musicians, strum those strings and send the musical waves through the social media. Here is your chance to be counter the coronavirus by being viral.

So here some of the Nepali musicians taking up on the Riff Challenge :

Sharad Shrestha

Social media has been convenient to issue such challenge as we can see in tiktok where teens are “emoji gesture” challenge is underway.

Dipesh Shrestha

Rizu Tuladhar (Kanta Dab Dab)

Italy, one of the worst affected countries and the highest fatalities has people singing from the balcony, while in Spain police were reported to be singing for the locked down families.

Sareen Deoja (Monkey Temple)

Sunit Kansakar (Mukti n Revival – Kanta Dab Dab)

Abhishek S Mishra

Ashmash Tash

Srijan Bikram Gewali (Cobweb)

Binesh Maharjan (Moksha Mantra)

Saptak Dutraj

COVID-19 outbreak placed a burden on ordinary people to deal with a situation they never imagined they would be forced to handle on their own – how to spend time in their own home. Despite our adage that “East or west, home is the best,” it seems home really is not the best, after all. During the lockdown, people in Los Angeles, California hit the beach, one even flying a kite wearing a helmet. Students in Florida could not break their Spring break tradition and took to hitting the beach as well.

Shalin Sumon Pradhan

Sajeed Poudyal (Moksha Mantra)

Satish (Newaz)

Apurva Chaudhary

Dipesh Jung Gurung

Anil Dhital

Deepak Moktan

Thank you everyone for tagging me on your stories and posts for the favorite #riffchallenge that's been going around since a few days now. Sorry for the late response.This is my favorite riff from the song "Overture 1928" from one of my all time favorite band "Dream Theater". I have a pleasant memory of practicing this song with my band back in 2007. This song is from the concept album "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a memory". I have made few mistakes here. Please do ignore. I haven't played this riff in years and have forgotten most of the lines. Was revising during to the take itself lol.My humble respond to Ridesh Pakhrin Tamang Prashanna Bhandari BJ Maximus Hari Kunwar John Shrestha and Iman Shah sir#riffchallenge #favouriteriff #dreamtheater #scenesfromamemory #quarantinedays

Posted by Deepak Moktan on Saturday, March 28, 2020

Bantawa Nati

Raunaq Singh Adhikari

Bikrant Shrestha

More videos will be added soon.

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