Nepal Tourism Board recently released a promotional video on Kirtipur.  In the video two parents are shown whose son was not able to visit them, but instead their son’s European friend pays a visit.  The father (acted by Sabin Bastola) wants his son’s friend (acted by Bartosz Mierzenski) to visit his birthplace, Kirtipur.  The friend tells the father that he would visit next time, and  wants to go around Kathmandu instead.

However, the father will eventually make him visit the city of Kirtipur.  Watch the video below to see how the dad tricks his son’s friend.

Kirtipur is an ancient city of Nepal. It is located in the Kathmandu Valley 5 km south-west of the city of Kathmandu. It is one of the five municipalities in the valley, the others being Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Madhyapur Thimi. It is one of the most famous and religious places to visit. Many people visit this place to not only to see the beauty of nature but also to visit temples.

Panga, Kirtipur”, a facebook page for Panga, a Newari community of Kirtipur.

Kirtipur. Photo: Via Panga, Kirtipur Facebook Page

Discussion on Kirtipur on Tripadvisor

Kirtipur is also one of the oldest Newari settlements in the valley. History says that the ancient city of Kirtipur was founded by Shiva Deva between 1099 AD and 1126 AD and during the reign of the Malla Kingdom in the 15th century the city was developed for human settlement. Kirtipur’s fortress was considered impregnable. The Gurkha King Prithvi Narayan Shah laid siege to it three times before 1768 A.D. finally taking the town and then, it is said, only after it had been betrayed.  Even today the weapons from those former battles are mounted at the roof of Bagh Bhairav Temple. (nepalhilfe)

Photo: Toni Hagen Stiftung Schweiz-Nepal (Inheritance Toni Hagen), Nepal

The promotional video is a production of Edge Advertising and Media Private Limited.  Special thanks to “Panga, Kirtipur”, a facebook page for Panga, a Newari community of Kirtipur.

Artists: Bartosz Mierzenski | Sabin Bastola | Rajani Khatri
Makeup Artist: Saru Shrestha
Publicity Design: Aananda Maharjan
Music Composed: Bizu Karmacharya
Music Produced: Sunny Sunam | Bizu Karmacharya
Singer: Deepa Maharjan
Script Writing | Direction | Lyrics: Mandip Gautam
Lyrics Translation: Dev Tandukar | Deepa maharjan Cinematographer: Umong Shahi
Executive Producer | Media Relation: Shyam Karki
Direction | Drone Photography | Cinematography | Edit | Color Grade: Balram Budhathoki
Special Support: Saroj Yadav
Flute: Raman Maharjan

Gaijatra in Kirtipur. Photo: Umesh Shrestha

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