At least 31 people lost their lives and hundreds injured when the deadly storm hit Bara and Parsa districts in southern Nepal on Sunday (March 31st, 2019).

Rescue efforts have already started but “without a database, it was a freefall for relief distributors“, Subina Shrestha of Al Jazeera reported.  “On Tuesday, local NGOs and political cadres were haphazardly distributing food rations and tents.”

Subina posted on her facebook page :

“In #Bara, the #disaster site has changed into a #tourism site. People have hired auto rickshaws and horse drawn carts to visit the area. People who just lost their loved ones, their homes and livelihoods, have phones flashed at them. School and college kids have been taken for ‘educational’ tours and ‘relief workers’ are busy taking selfies as they dump cartons of water and instant noodles near the road head. After multiple disasters, we’ve learnt so little. Need #coordination of relief. People need to be treated with #respect – especially when they are most #vulnerable.”

Read Subina’s report “Nepal storm: Entire village mourning ‘but for others, it is a festival” on Al Jazeera


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