TEMPATHANG, Nepal — The treacherous trail that connects this remote Sherpa village in the Himalayas to the rest of the world was unusually crowded over the weekend as scores of voters walked for hours across narrow mountain ridges to vote in Nepal’s first parliamentary elections since 2006.

Young men raced down jagged slopes laughing and listening to songs blaring from their phones. Mothers carried babies in slings and baskets. The night before the election, many camped near the polling station, sharing food and talking politics into the early morning hours……read more at The Washington Post

This article is written by Vidhi Doshi who is the India correspondent for the Washington Post based in New Delhi and Pradeep Bashyal.

Sherpas rest on the long mountain trail that connects their remote village to the rest of the world. They traveled down from the village of Tempathang the night before the vote and camped near the polling station. (Vidhi Doshi/The Washington Post)

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