After a strenuous two-week battle with COVID-19, Ujwal Thapa passed away Tuesday afternoon (June 1st, 2021) at the age of 44. The trail-blazing political leader and activist co-founded the Bibeksheel political party, an alternative to the corrupt, failing leadership within the Nepalese government.

He truly was an inspiring beacon of hope, encouraging the youth of Nepal to protest the traditional dirty politics. His final social media posts capture his honorable moral character. 

In an Instagram post, posted 6 days prior to his death, Thapa shared a selfie in a hospital bed with oxygen tubes. The sorrowful photo contrasts to his optimistic caption, which honors Buddha’s birthday and inspires hope to his friends and followers:

A photo of Boudhanath temple, posted on the same day as the aforementioned selfie, also includes wise words which commemorates Buddha’s teachings:

As for his final tweets, Thapa shared an uplifting word of advice to his supporters, encouraging forgiveness and virtue:

His last Twitter post on May 2nd contained a link to Paloma Faith singing “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”, with the simple (and in retrospect, dismal) caption “Have a Good Night (Day)”.

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Ujwal who went to Budanilkantha School was also the co-founder of entrepreneurial forum Entrepreneurs for Nepal and WordPress Nepal.

Politicians to Friends/Well-wishers react on social media:-

“A lifelong seeker, a pioneer thinker, a selfless leader who had an innate ability to bring people from all walks of life together to manifest his vision of bringing positive change in the nation, be it through entrepreneurship or politics. A rare gem who led from behind while motivating youth to emerge as leaders themselves and shine.”
Sumona Balla Malla told Nepalisite.

“Hidden talent, unique and bold. He did in action what rest of us, including myself, could only talk about and wish for. They (most Nepali voters) said that Bibeksheel Nepali was more of a social service entity than a political party. I would assume they are right. Ujwal may not have played our typical politician games. But he provide service through leadership and leadership through service. We saw that during the earthquake of 2015 when he led the way while other politicians were a few steps behind.”
Roopesh Joshi told Nepalisite.

“Ujwal is a rare man who — with no expert degrees, no mainstream political party support, no electoral victory to his name, and no previous high-paying job credentials — comes perhaps once in a generation in a country like ours. There are people who have authority and power. And there are people like Ujwal who have courage and influence. I see enormous heartfelt outpouring of support, affection, love and concern for him in this light.” Ashutosh Tiwari

“He would always advise me not to be “yet another-pampered-college graduate”, who has had no worldly experience, just to be an incompetent member of society and workforce. The screenshot below is a conversation of us, where he is reminding me of this while we talked about my higher studies plan.”
Bobby Basnet on Medium

Check out some of his videos below:-



In the video that was taken in 2013, Ujwal is seen addressing the public in Basantapur explaining the reason behind choosing “Dog/कुकुर ” as a symbol of his party Bibeksheel Nepali (now called as Bibeksheel Sajha).

Interview with Prem Baniya


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