Once again, let us thank our government for extending the lockdown period again until April 27th. I don’t know why the government just keeps on extending the lockdown period but does not do enough to get hold of testing kits, PPEs, ventilators and other necessary resources to equip our hospitals when patients infected with COVID-19 will get admitted by the thousands once the lockdown is lifted.

Yes, we have a very few reported cases and no death so far but that doesn’t mean we are all safe. The government is ill-prepared and except for extending the lockdown period, it has no plans how to fight this battle against the coronavirus.
Yes, we the people support the lockdown but our policewallahs seem to be getting the wrong instructions from our thulo mancheys. Making folks stay on the street for hours (as some kind of a punishment) just because they were walking around at 7 am in the morning is not going to help any of us.

If these folks were out there hanging out with their tole-baasis then they should be given a warning not to repeat the same mistake again and if found violating the lockdown thing then there has to be a fine system like in Singapore.
In Singapore, they do let you out to the malls but you have to maintain social distancing and you will get like S$ 300 fine if you don’t wear a mask while outside. I think we need to at least match the fine like in Singapore dollars.

Yes, let’s pay fine like Rs 25,000 for drunk driving, Rs 50,000 for not maintaining social distancing or walking around with no valid reason. Our fines are like Rs 100 or Rs 1,000. We are Nepalis, we got some money. Make us think a hundred times before violating government regulation (yes, increase the fine by 1,000%) and then things might be in order.

Do not harass folks who really have to go get their milk and eggs for their kids. The police wallahs are now even going to retail stores, dairy and meat shops and asking them to open only in the mornings and if found opening during evenings, then even the shop owners will be arrested rey.

I guess our security personnel never know how to deal with the public. They only know how to threaten, rain laathis on our backs and once inside the police station, use all verbal and physical abuse they can dish out.

I guess our policewallahs think they are above the law and nobody will hold them accountable. I guess they sometimes forget they are also citizens of this land and have their families. We are all brothers and sisters, well not all but at least treat us with respect and help us not harm us.

Yes, our policewallahs are the ones who will be there out on the streets to enforce the lockdown stuff but our Home Ministry must come up with some kind of a system.

Maintain social distancing, go to the shops from 5 am in the morning till 8 am or ask the local ward office to coordinate with our so-called big departmental stores and do a home delivery system.

The local wards can even coordinate with our private trash collection companies who come to our homes every other day even during this lockdown period. They have better info on each household than our municipalities and wards and so-called online grocery pasals.

Anyways, the government will once again extend the lockdown period till May 3rd like the Indians have done. They could have just done it today instead of giving us some kind of hope that we will be slowly opening up after April 27th.

I feel sorry for our government. They have no clue on how to provide relief to the daily wage workers and needy ones. They have no idea how to provide relief packages to small, medium and even big businesses. They have no idea how to mobilize retired nurses, doctors and even volunteers to fight against COVID-19.

Our government only knows how to use our own taxpayers money to make money for themselves.
Our Prime Minister tells us that after his death, all his wealth will be given to his foundation. So what. Who really cares? First of all, we all want to know how did he manage to build two houses in one and half ropani of land in Balkot and where did he get more than half a Karod in his bank account?

He tells us that it’s his wife’s money and the cash is from his savings from his salary and perks as lawmakers for so many years. Yes, you are right. Our communists seem to only marry women from very well-off families and they seem to be good at saving all of the salary and perks while ordinary citizens can’t even save a paisa from their salaries.

Oli Ba is a lucky man. Before he got out of prison, he was not even in the second-tier in his own party. He was skinny, sick (health-wise), and broke.

Today, he has millions and probably billions of Rupees. Yes, give the man a break. But we really had high hopes from Oli Ba. He has failed us miserably as his courtiers are engaged in billion Rupees scams all around.
He doesn’t speak about them fools. Prachanda is no better and we all know that come next election, he is jumping ship and sleeping with the Congressis just to be in power.

But why do you want to be in power just for the sake of amassing billion of Rupees in ill-gotten wealth and do nothing for the people? Just making a few dozen arseholes billionaires will not help the people and this land.

I feel sorry for our politicians and civil servants who tell us to sing our national anthem, wear our national dress and bow down to our thulo mancheys and not question them at all but in reality, they are the traitors not patriots who have taken this country down the drain.

And the coronavirus has proven once again that our government is not for the people. Our thulo mancheys are not affected. They get to ride around in luxury vehicles with or without passes. They will get enough supply of cooking gas and daily essentials from our sarkari hakims.

It’s good to be a government official in this land. They will never be held accountable and they can keep on looting us all even in crisis like this.

In a few weeks or months, we will probably see millions, yes millions not hundred or thousands, of our migrant workers in foreign lands coming back home.

Once our remittance money stops flowing then our economy will be doomed. It’s not our fake VAT-bill byaparies and thulo mancheys who are keeping our economy afloat, it’s our migrant workers overseas who send their money back home to their families that is helping our byaparis make some money. Once that dries up then it’s the end for our byaparies and even the middle-class.

The government will also lose in revenue and tax collection as well. The government will be broke but our thulo mancheys will keep on using whatever money is left to only pay their salary and perks. When will we learn or are we heading for anarchy and chaos and eventually military rule in this land to make our system stable?

We don’t know but that day may come soon if our politicians and civil servants keep on screwing it up. Once there is army rule in Nepal, then forget about democracy and what not.

Yes, I do support the army when it comes to protecting our borders and helping us during natural disasters but not to be the government or the police. But the day might come not out of choice but necessity to stop the maximum loot we have experienced so far in the past decade.

And no, the monarchy is not going to make a comeback, dear Raja-lovers. I have deep respect for the House of Shah but they also got screwed by our Shree Tins for a century and then the Pancheys for three decades.

We have witnessed another three decades since we had our so-called multi-party democracy and we now know that our Congresis, UMLs , Maobadis, Madhesis and even Janjaati parties are no better than the Pancheys or even the Ranas.

So it means that we are all the same. Now, when the army comes rolling in, will it be different? A little, maybe because they will be dealing with the Chinese, Indians, Amrikans and the EU wallahs more professionally than our bhaat-maara hakim sahebs and chor netas but that does not mean we will be fine because taking over a country is one thing but running the country with good governance, transparency, accountability and with respect to the rights of the citizens is a whole other ball game.

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