It seems that our Home Minister and his pals are hell-bent on making this nation of ours a police state. It’s sad to see the same folks who were tortured, imprisoned and harassed by the security services of the state then when fighting against the system now turn against the people when in power.

I think our netas don’t realize that these new rules and regulations they want to enforce on the people and on our lives will one day come to haunt them as well.

Instead of moving forward, we seem to be going back to the days when our Shree Tin uncles ruled this country. We can understand that things were different then. You had just one family having all the fun and they wanted to ensure that they continued to have fun till the end. But all good things and even bad things must come to an end someday.

Our netas don’t realize that they will not be in power forever. The Romans had their fun and so did the British when they were on a colonizing binge party and our House of Shah had a good two hundred plus years of fun even though they spent most of it manipulated by their courtiers and then our Shree Tin uncles. And one day, those who now rule this country will have to take a back seat as well.

Our greatest communist government on earth is slowly showing its true colors and if we don’t wake up now, it might be a little too late when you realize that you can no longer assemble peacefully, or protest against our thulo mancheys.

Our Home Minister tells us that we should not be pissed off just because he has banned the Maitighar Mandala area as a protest zone along with Baneshwor and Bhadrakali areas. He has given us seven protest zones in the valley and we are free to beat the drum and shout slogans and do our stuff there.

It seems that it was fine for our political parties when in opposition to shut down our highways, shut down our schools and shut down the nation and get away with it but now, it’s not okay to walk around the valley protesting against those in power.

Our Home Minister calls Dr KC an authoritarian figure. Somebody please give our politicians an Oxford English Dictionary. Our netas must be finding out meanings of words from a fake dictionary. When we talk about ‘peace’, these buffoons think ‘piece’ and want to share a piece of the loot amongst them while the people get poorer each day.

Let us not even talk about prosperity in this land because it means illegal riches for the near and dear ones of our netas and hakim sahebs while most of us live in poverty.

If our Home Minister really knew the meaning of ‘authoritarian’ then he would just do his job and focus on security and safety of the people and crack down on contractors and mundrey gundas. But no, that’s not enough.

It looks good on paper when our Home Minister tells us that he will go after the slimy contractors and other con artists but in reality, these contractors are the ones who pay off commissions to our hakim sahebs and then our hakim sahebs sends some of the money to our netas and those up in the ghoos-khori ladder.

But instead of taking care of business, our Home Minister is after NGOs and INGOs. You want those involved in NGOs to submit their personal financial details. We have political parties failing to submit their financial reports on time and our politicians make up fake asset list and think they can fool us when they tell us that most of what they have came from their in-laws.

Our police wallahs think they are doing a great job by arresting people for their comments on social media. I think we should learn from the Amrikans to figure out what freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free exercise of religion means.

But instead of reading the First Amendment to the US Constitution, our netas are trying to instead learn from the Amriki President. Yes, go after the media, go after those protesting against the government, go after anybody that is not affiliated with the ruling coalition.

But don’t go after those who are actually the ones who made most of the chiya kharcha from billions of dollars of gold smuggling in this nation in the past decade! Byaparis are easy target. They are the ones who have to voluntary contribute to our political parties and when it’s too hot to handle then they are also the ones to get arrested and made to look like they are the only chors in town. The biggest chors are still living the good life and nobody can touch them.

If our Home Minister is really after the big sharks then he is a brave man and let us wish him the best. We cannot be angry with him even if he is lying because that’s what all politicians do. Our Maoists were rebels then. They were fighting to change the system. Today, our comrades are running the show but now have become Meowists.

Yes, Home Minister, crack down on freedom of speech, freedom of press, and the right of an individual to believe in his or her God or in Messi. Instead of making this nation great, our politicians want to turn it into a totalitarian state.
And we, the people have to either wake up or just shut up or just learn to find other creative ways to protest against those who are corrupt and misuse their power. Maybe, we should just all pitch in some dough and fix our roads in the valley by ourselves.

Now, if that happened, then the Road Department would have nothing to do and the contractor cannot get paid which means that he can’t pay off commissions which eventually end up in our mantris’ backyard. Then of course, the Home Ministry will come up with another regulation that bans people from fixing this country by ourselves.

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