Let us congratulate our Social Welfare Council wallahs for signing an agreement with a Chinese NGO network to allow more than twenty of their NGOs to come to this country and do their thing. It seems that somebody really wants to make the Chinese happy in any way possible in hopes of getting Dashian Kharcha this year.

Yes, our bideshis do hand out not only scholarships and funds for elections but special kharcha to our netas, civil servants and so-called VVIPs in this land. So it’s not only the Chinese and the Desis who hand out freebies to our thulo mancheys. Other bideshis invite our nincompoops to visit their lands for conferences which amount to actually nothing but free vacation and shopping vouchers for our clowns!

Our great communist government on Earth thinks that it will win some brownie points from the Chinese if it allows Chinese NGOs to operate in Nepal. But the reality is that the Chinese really don’t care much about what happens here because they have other priorities in mind like taking over Taiwan by 2030 and probably the world by 2040 and colonizing Mars by 2050.

And what plans does our government have for our country for the next decade or two? Nothing! Yes, our politicians, civil servants and so-called experts are all in it to make some moolah while they can while they have no love for this country and its people.

This is the land where justices, ambassadors and other political appointments go to the highest bidder and quotas are set aside for political parties. No wonder, we get justices with fake academic certificates and we get to send folks with the dough as ambassadors to foreign lands.

Our netas get together to work hard to make our contractors richer and fatter while this country goes down the drain. And it will be like the days of our great grandfathers and grandmothers when they used to walk for days to reach Kathmandu. With the current state of our roads and highways, we will all have to walk for days to reach the other parts of the country thanks to the shoddy works by our slimy contractors!

Our government is not ashamed of itself to see citizens suffering across the country and here in the capital as well during the monsoon season. It seems that our thulo mancheys do really live in a bubble and unless we ban vehicles of mantris and VVIPs from our roads, not much will change in this land.

Yes, our netas really need to go out there and walk our roads and see for themselves how our contractors have failed us all. But of course, contractors make our corrupt clowns and lazy civil servants happy with the commissions. And who cares about common citizens who can offer nothing but want to protest against bad government, bad roads and all that’s bad in this land of ours?

Instead of only trying to make the Chinese happy, our comrades can do us all a favor if we ask NGOs from all over the world to have their presence here. How about one bideshi NGO in partnership with our own domestic NGO help our wards and villages across the country?

Our government tells us that we have more than two hundred INGOs running their show in this country. I think it’s about time Oli uncle come up with a new policy to manage both INGOs and domestic NGOs. Yes, please scrap your proposed National Integrity Policy (NIP) which is more like restricting and controlling the activities of NGOs so that the government can extort chiya kharcha later on.

Let’s have a new policy and call it the ‘One MP One INGO’ policy. We have 165 elected MPs through the ‘give notes to everyone and buy votes’ system and another 110 more through the ‘give notes to the party and be a MP’ system. Let us forget about the PR wallahs for now and have the single-member constituency wallahs tie up with one INGO to do some good for his or her own constituency.

Yes, one constituency will get one INGO and then we can have our hundreds of domestic NGO partnering with the bideshi to improve the lives of the poor and the underprivileged in their constituency. So, instead of allowing bideshi donors to run wild and everywhere, let us ask them to focus only on one constituency at a time.

Yes, help our government and local authorities to provide free education, basic health care, clean drinking water and other essential stuff instead of paying your own bideshi consultants half the money and then throwing peanuts to our local NGOs.

We have more than 40,000 NGOs in this land and it’s about time, our government set a minimum amount to be spent in the community by our local NGOs as well. We hear that most of the so-called ‘dollar farms’ are run by intellectuals affiliated with our great Nepal Communist Party.

But nobody knows why the mother party wants to crack down domestic NGOs in this land when they get lot of freebies from their own cadres who run these NGOs.

If our government is really serious about making this country great then instead of wasting billions of Rupees on public schools and health posts and other development works through their own or contractors, give the money to local NGOs and let them run the show.

Maybe, the local community will be better at running its own schools, health posts and even bus routes than our lazy civil servants, chor byaparis and good for nothing local netas.

This article is written by Guffadi who is a grumpy old man who blogs at guffadi.blogspot.com. You may contact him at maguffadi@gmail.com

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