17 year old Avideep Pradhan made a video on “Split-Brain Syndrome” and made it to the Top 29 list out of thousands of creative educational videos on Scientific Topic made by students from all around the world.  This is a global challenge across the world made possible by the Breakthrough Junior Challenge program.

This in itself is a great achievement for Avideep.  However, to advance to the final round to win the coveted US$ 250,000 scholarship, US$ 100,000 for his school science lab and US$ 50,000 for his teacher, he needs your support.

Avideep explains on how to support him.  Watch the video below. 

Here is how you can support him .

  1. Watch Avideep’s video on Facebook   (http://bit.ly/avideep-video)
  2. Like and Comment it.
  3. Share the video on Facebook or send the link to all your family friends via email or text, and request to do the same.

Deadline is Sept 20th, 2018

This will help Avideep’s video to get as many Likes and Shares to win the competition. Please note that every single “Like” counts towards the final popular vote. This is your opportunity to help a talented and deserving student of Nepali origin to make history by winning this amazing competition!

Links to his video on Split-Brain Syndrome

Desktop View – http://bit.ly/avideep-video

Mobile View – http://bit.ly/2MhMFPE

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